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  1. Hanno Labuschagne

    MTN's remote working strategy

    MTN's remote working strategy MTN said its work-from-home arrangements have gone extremely well and that its post-Covid way of work will be a combination of in-office and remote working. MTN was one of South Africa's leaders in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and preparing employees to...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    More SA employees could be "watched" by their bosses while working from home

    More SA employees could be "watched" by their bosses while working from home South Africans working from home should be wary of the increase in surveillance software being used by companies to keep tabs on their activity, a report from City Press has warned. With many people working from home...
  3. RocketNet-Rep

    What "tools" are you using to be more productive at Home?

    Many companies have recently adopted or were forced to the adaptation of working from home. Many companies even had to implement new remote worker policies in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. With this in mind, we are curious to learn which "Tools" individuals and companies have turned to...
  4. B

    Multi Wealth 2018 Invest and Funeral Cover Competition R5000

    COMPETITION 5000 There are 2 Competitions to win for: Win R5000 in the 100% Cash Back Funeral Cover Competition Be the first to Refer 10 Concluded Funeral Cover Sales by the end of Aug 2018 and win the R5000 Just simply go to and follow the prompt to Enter Win...
  5. X

    Online Data Entry Vacancies

    Looking at part-time work for matriculents via jobmail and Gumtree, I see a pattern of recurring data entry jobs that require you to work at home. Does anybody here have any relevant history with such a job? Can it be trusted, or will they take me for a ride and have me do free labour...
  6. D

    TSQL contract work, work from home, optimization of TSQL queries

    Hi there Currently looking for SQL DBA or TSQL Programmer with a solid background in MSSQL, specifically TSQL. We currently have an application built with a large number of TSQL queries that need to be optimized or rewritten. We are looking for someone who would be able to assist. PM me
  7. S

    Help Urgent - Need software and setup advice for Laptop:

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