1. P

    The Xubuntu Thread

    Downloaded and installed xubuntu to an old laptop that shipped with XP. Specs are Centrino 1.5 with 256 mb ram. This machine would struggle in vista, but running Xubuntu on this thing is amazing. Running quite smoothly, makes it awesome for some light browsing. I would highly recommend this OS...
  2. PseudZ

    Ethernet Won't Work

    Sorry if this has been posted before, I have Googled and searched but nothings helping. I have xubuntu on an old PC, but I cannot get the Ethernet to work. I have it connected to my router and the router light comes on and the light on the PC comes on, then i select auto etho or so, it will...
  3. H

    Xubuntu Power-off Q

    I've got Xubuntu on an ancient laptop that I use for writing notes in Openoffice. Do I really need to do a proper shutdown every time or can I get away with just killing the power?:D