yealink w52p

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    Mweb fibre and VOIP problems with Ghost calls

    Hi there New to fibre - Ditched Telkom and moved to Mweb fibre and ported the landline to Mweb. Well their fibre router worked for a week, then we can connect to it but without internet connection. Installed new TP link router with good wifi signal, but now the yealink wp52 cordless VOIP phone...
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    How do I link my Yealink phone to MWEB Talk fibre VOIP?

    I have a new Yealink W52P phone. I have fibre at home with Mweb. I have an Mweb Talk 27877xxxxxx number. But I am unable to set up the phone to connect to Mweb's Talk service. Mweb Support can only give me a SIP address: SIP.MWEB.NET, and a port number 5060. But I can't find a place anywhere on...
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    VoIP services with Cell C's C Fibre de-activated on their Huawei B315s router

    Hi All Cell C flashes their Huawei B315s routers for their C Fibre services. This means that the router setting does not allow one to access VoIP settings and therefore one cannot add a VoIP phone and use Freshphone ( as a VoIP service provider. I have already bought...