45 stitches after shark attack


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Jun 12, 2007
Port Elizabeth - A 15-year-old boy was bitten by a ragged tooth shark after a long battle between his friend and the shark.

Luke Parker from Port Elizabeth received 45 stitches after the incident at Plettenberg Bay.

Luke and two friends were fishing on Wednesday evening, when his friend, Guy Moorecraft, got a bite. Guy struggled for about two hours to get the shark to shore.

Finally the shark which weighed about 100kg pulled Guy from the rocks into the shallow water. The fishing line - which can carry up to 40kg - broke.

Guy's two friends, Luke and Ricardo do Pinero - all are 15 and pupils at Grey High School - quickly jumped in after him.

Grabbed tail fin

Guy grabbed the shark's tail fin and the shark swung to the right and got hold of Luke's legs and lower body.

Guy was scared the shark would pull Luke into the deep sea. "I immediately bent over and tried to pull the shark's jaws from Luke's leg."

Luke finally managed to free himself and ran to the beach, where paramedics from the National Sea Rescue Institute took him to the NSRI station for treatment. "I didn't really feel much pain, because I was too shocked," said Luke from his parents' home in Port Elizabeth.

"Only once I saw the blood running down my leg, did it become painful."

The shark disappeared into the waves.

'I won't go after a shark in the water again'

"I wouldn't say I'm now scared of sharks, but I won't go after a shark in the water again," said Luke.

"We saw the shark lying there in the water (about half-a-metre deep). He didn't look that big."

Ray Farnham, NSRI station commander at Plettenberg Bay, who happened to be at the same beach after a training session, saw the boys at around 21:30.

They had at that stage been struggling with the shark for about two hours.

"I stood watching the guy and thought: the thing is going to bite you!" said Farnham.



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Jan 7, 2006
What a complete bloody idiot, or group of idiots.
Yes definitely a darwin award contender...

Firstly raggies dont attack humans, not even when your swimming with it.
What made these guys jump in to try tackle the shark, they should have cut the line and let their friend get back onto the rocks.

Raggies are very peaceful sharks.


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Aug 13, 2008
You don't f@ck with a shark in his home territory, how dumb can you be?! Defintely a contender.


Apr 8, 2006
45 stitches is not that much :eek:

The heading makes it sound alot worse than it really is.

Depending on the wound. My upperlip was hit by a stone when I was in High school.
I had stitches on the outside and inside of the lip as it was split in 2. The scar is about 2cm from start to finish in an L shape. I has close to 30 stitches.