1. J

    Legal Advise Please (Loan Sharks)

    If someone could assist with legal advice I would appreciate it to aid me in taking the next step forward. I applied for a loan on Loan--- but didn't forward any information for the next step to process it. Anyway while applying, unknown to me I was also applying for their "service package"...
  2. The_Librarian

    Mikrotik and the dreaded OOB shark

    Hi Guys Is it possible that you can monitor bandwidth consumption on your Mikrotik, and at 100Mb data bundle left over (can be adjusted by the user) it will start to throttle you seriously, as well as prevent the opening of bandwidth-hungry web pages and killing torrents and ftp downloads...
  3. O

    PIN on SIM or not?

    Do you put a PIN on your SIM or not? I have a PIN on my contract SIM, and on my one frequently-used SIM, but the rest (prepaid, of course) doesn't have any PIN codes on, to facilitate easy swapping on any MIFI device. It just is for my own ease of mind, knowing that should some foul...
  4. LazyLion

    Hawaii Fisherman Has Close Encounter with Hungry Shark

    A Hawaii fisherman has an unbelievable fishing tale: a close encounter with a 9-foot (2.75-meter) shark that jumped dangerously near his kayak. But, he has the video to prove it. Isaac Brumaghim, 37, was kayak fishing off the Waianae Coast on Sunday when the shark sprang up and chomped on the...
  5. LazyLion

    Wildlife Trade Body to Take Sharks Off the Menu

    The world's main body regulating trade in wildlife moved Monday to provide five shark species with greater protection against overfishing driven primarily by demand for fin soup in Asia and shark steaks in Europe. The oceanic whitetip, three hammerhead species and the porbeagle won the...
  6. LazyLion

    PETA Mocks Florida Shark Attack Victim in Stupid New Ad
  7. A

    OOB: 2+2 - another one gets bitten.

    Add me as another one bitten. Idiot that I am I have one 2+2 for myself and one for my wife. June's deduction from my account over R2000. Still don't know why. July R1500. This month, who knows, but this month's overspend is my fault since I screwed up the downloader's scheduler and it overran...
  8. M

    45 stitches after shark attack

  9. M

    Australian pokes shark in eye to survive mauling

    Crikey :eek: