A few thoughts on 3rd party RAW processing software compared to Nikon NX-D

Do you use manufacturer software or 3rd party for RAW processing?

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Nov 20, 2015
I decided to download the trial versions of Paint Shop Pro, ACDSee, and I also purchased Affinity Photo this holiday season in light of the discounts being run.

I compared each programs RAW conversion against the Nikon NX-D software.

I found Paint Shop Pro to be terrible at dealing with NEF files and I could not get a decent looking image out of the program. And its HDR was terrible.

ACDSee was average for RAW processing) for me.

Affinity Photo produced a really nice image from RAW (closest to my Nikon NX-D software), and the HDR Image was really good too (nearly as good as Aurora HDR).

From my initial use, I am not impressed or persuaded to purchase any of the above software for RAW processing as the Nikon NX-D suite is better at it, free, and for me the workflow is set out better.

Of the lot I have tested I could see myself picking up Affinity Photo in future - I will return it within the 14 day period for now - to use as a pixel editor, and for HDR and Panoramic photos.

I will continue to test each piece, albeit with only a few photos, until the trials run out.

I would still like to test Capture One Pro, and Luminar.

Ps please ignore the ''other'' option in the poll.
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