1. M

    A call to all people involved in software

    Hi everyone, I am posting this to appeal to all agile software practitioners who find themselves as members of teams or organizations practicing agile software development. I am conducting a research project aimed at studying the application of agile software development methods in South...
  2. GipsyD

    Where can I get a copy of Nissan UD's PC Consult 2 OBD Software?

    As the title suggests, I am currently digging around the web trying to find this software to scan my fleet of trucks, but have had no luck before. I have only been able to find PC Consult 3 Plus on the web, but not PC Consult 2. From what I understand about the situation, PC Consult 3 only works...
  3. Sharkssmart1

    Calls from telemarketers wanting to sell you a trading software.

    Yesterday I received a strange phone call which I realised was a scam/spam along the way. It involved this guy who somehow got my info (I know it happens a lot, but still) and saw I was trading on a trading website. Now I'll be honest, the phone call was annoying and loud, and the person was...
  4. J

    Where to buy computer hardware in SA at low cost

    I have been searching on the web on where to buy computer parts and comparing prices from different vendors. But there are few SA companies i looked at who sells at “wholesale prices” but if i compare to normal retail price there is not much difference. I also registered on the Esquire website...
  5. GipsyD

    Time Attendance software for use with ZKTeco ZK4500?

    I'm not sure if this belongs in the 'PC Hardware and Gadgets' Section of the forum, but here goes nothing.... I recently got my hands on a fingerprint scanner from ZKTeco through one of our local suppliers and distributors. I was told that this scanner can be used to manage time attendance...
  6. G

    Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack (Remote)

    Job description You will be working within a small, fast-moving team, developing, maintaining and planning exciting web- and cloud-based applications. This role focuses on our Application Delivery suite of applications, our cloud-based management platform (Nova), and several high-end clients’...
  7. B

    Timesheet Software Question

    Apologies if the subject makes you cringe. Rest assured I want to make it easy for people We are growing and I need to hire the right sort of skills Rough Requirement 1. TIme tracking mainly into Project / task types 2. No billing or financial elements required 3. Only about 10 users 4...
  8. Jamie McKane

    Software developers are in heavy demand in South Africa

    Software developers are in heavy demand in South Africa Current economic conditions in South Africa may not be too favourable for new job seekers, with unemployment still high and companies running on tight budgets. However, the flood of skilled workers leaving the country presents a unique...
  9. justblazethe1st

    [SALE] Windows Server Essentials 2016 64bit 1-2cpu

    Item name: Server 2016 essentials Age and condition: New/ Sealed Do you include packaging: YES Warranty: N/A Reason for selling: bought for project that didn't go ahead Price: R2500 Negotiable: YES Location: JHB Shipping or collection: collection preferred, shipping on buyers expense link -...
  10. RedViking

    Personal Knowledge Base (PKB) Software or System

    For those who are using PKB software or system. What are you using? I have started with my own PKB many years ago by using HelpNDoc but it is a bit dated and lacks many features. Currently I make good use of Google Keep, but it is very basic. I would prefer something that is Open Source or...
  11. mattrudlles

    A few thoughts on 3rd party RAW processing software compared to Nikon NX-D

    I decided to download the trial versions of Paint Shop Pro, ACDSee, and I also purchased Affinity Photo this holiday season in light of the discounts being run. I compared each programs RAW conversion against the Nikon NX-D software. I found Paint Shop Pro to be terrible at dealing with NEF...
  12. Dimagi

    Dimagi is Hiring for Applications Engineer!

    Dimagi is looking for an Applications Engineer to join our New Delhi, India or Cape Town, South Africa team. We are a small and growing social enterprise with offices around the world. Our systems are deployed globally, including in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States. We offer a...
  13. Dimagi

    Dimagi (Cape Town) is Hiring for Technical Project Manager!

    Organization Description Founded out of Harvard and MIT in 2002, Dimagi is an award-winning global technology company with a focus on impact that delivers open source technology to help underserved communities in over 50 countries around the world. Job Description Dimagi is looking for an...
  14. A

    VPN that gives the best ping

    Hi guys I am just wondering if someone will know of a VPN service that can provide me with quick ping response, the reason for this is that I am trying to play a game with my brother. He lives in the UK and I have to have my location near him for us to be able to play the game together, sounds...
  15. RedViking

    Chrome Pinned Tabs Disappearing

    I like using 'Pinned Tabs' in Chrome. But sometimes when I close Chrome and I open it again the Pin Tabs will be gone/closed. So I have to re-Pin everything. I have to be very careful the way I close Chrome. This is getting flippen annoying. Anyone else experiencing the same issue and is...
  16. R

    Shopping APIs

    Do you guys and girls know of any API's from retailers such as Woolworths, Pick 'n Pay, Checkers, etc? Do these API's even exist or will we have to scrap the pricing from the websites of these retailers ourselves?
  17. M

    Sage One Accounting Online Problems

    Good evening everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I have had numerous troubles with the accounting program Sage One Accounting with is online and cloud based? In 2016 I worked for a company and would manual enter bank feeds from 3 years ago, save my work x 2, log out and switch off...
  18. M

    I send out a hand curated list of content relating to software dev in ZA

    Hey there! :) I recently finished a small side project: I'm trying to "give back" a bit by supplementing the software developer community in ZA with relevant news, blog posts, event information and more. I enjoy receiving content in this format and apparently...
  19. M

    [UK] Police facial recognition software was wrong 90% of the time

    Police facial recognition software was wrong 90% of the time
  20. P

    Need a server or similar type solution for small business

    Based in Pretoria. I have tried exploring various options as to enable my small business to grow a bit but it seems no-one interested to assist unless I want to drop a R 100k on a server! I dont mind spending but dont have that kind of money. Problem: Have a desktop in my office running...