1. M

    I send out a hand curated list of content relating to software dev in ZA

    Hey there! :) I recently finished a small side project: I'm trying to "give back" a bit by supplementing the software developer community in ZA with relevant news, blog posts, event information and more. I enjoy receiving content in this format and apparently...
  2. M

    [UK] Police facial recognition software was wrong 90% of the time

    Police facial recognition software was wrong 90% of the time
  3. P

    Need a server or similar type solution for small business

    Based in Pretoria. I have tried exploring various options as to enable my small business to grow a bit but it seems no-one interested to assist unless I want to drop a R 100k on a server! I dont mind spending but dont have that kind of money. Problem: Have a desktop in my office running...
  4. D

    Distance learning - Computer Science Degree

    Hey guys I have been a software developer for the past 6 odd years and only have a couple certificates to my name. I'm thinking about doing a CS degree through Unisa or similar and am just seeking some advice from other developers who have done the same. - Is Unisa a reputable university...
  5. M

    How Apple Plans to Root Out Bugs, Revamp iPhone Software

    How Apple Plans to Root Out Bugs, Revamp iPhone Software
  6. S

    Macbook Software Problem

    Good Day, does anyone know how to create a MACOS Bootable USB on windows? As my Macbook Pro has crashed and I have changed the HDD as well as the cable. However apple can't help me load the software again (bad service issues) & every time I try creating it with another MAC it gives me errors...
  7. C

    Senior Software Developer Required

    Hi Everyone! We are on the lookout for a senior full stack engineer for our company (CM Value Added Services). We are a Wireless ISP located in Rivonia - JHB and are offering a high-end salary for a high-end skill set. We are a national Network Operator who physically constructs and...
  8. C

    Looking for CHM-to-DOCX converter free or trial download

    Hi. Has anybody had first-hand experience with a *.CHM compressed help-file to printable document converter? Preferably Microsoft Word *.DOCX target, otherwise *.PDF output will be OK. I have looked at CHM-2-DOC which advertises a 7-day free trial, but does not appear to work. When I try...
  9. B

    Setting Up Internet Cafe - Software Advice

    Good day all I am setting up an internet cafe and need assistance with the best software to use for managing time/mb's downloaded. Can anyone assist with quality software I should look at? I am considering paid and free versions. Have seen a few free ones, but not sure if they are safe...
  10. C

    Saving entire Event Logs (All 4000) in Windows 7 ?

    Hi. My computer has developed a long list of errors, such as drives, CPU firmware, CDdrive0 (DVD-RW) errors. I suspect a recent power supply that failed with a loud bang caused surges. Renewed it. I was using a USB card-reader at the time, so this may have shorted something. Now I'd like to...
  11. T

    Task/Project Management Software

    Hi there, I am looking for suggestions for Task/Project Management software similar to Asana or Dapulse. I am hoping there is something that is in South African pricing. Also, let me know what you use and do you recommend it?
  12. KurtPloc

    Fast Keyboard VS Slow Mouse VS Even Slower Fingers

    I just have to get this off my chest. I've been a in computers since 1990 and sorry to say, but today's Software and Apps are 20 years behind from a technical aspect. Speed is the most important thing! Most functionalities are gone in these so-called great new Apps. Here are only 5...
  13. W

    Illegal Microsoft Software?

    I've been browsing through bidorbuy and have noticed a number of Microsoft products being sold at less than 7% of it's MSRP. Is this legal? Link below:
  14. T

    Best place in JHB to learn and get a certificate for C#

    Hi All, I hope you are well, I'm looking for the best place to do a C# course, one that will be accredited, can you recommend a company I can contact? Thanks in advance!
  15. Newsfeed

    The programming languages in high demand in South Africa

    The programming languages in high demand in South Africa Software development is once again at the top of CareerJunction’s “most wanted skills” list, with many vacancies listed for Java, C#, and .Net developers.
  16. D

    C Modulus, A new Programming Language

    Xylon Studio just came out with a new Programming Language for its Software Framework (subatomic Js). This new Programming Language is compatible with JavaScript and can be used to build cool Desktop applications. Download here: What C Modulus code looks...
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    The interview questions programmers are asked in South Africa

    The interview questions programmers are asked in South Africa Software developers are in high demand in South Africa, and consistently feature as the most sought-after employees in CareerJunction’s job reports.
  18. D

    Q3 2017 Developer Economics Survey

    For those interested, the latest Developer Economics survey is now open. It's completed by developers across the globe and the results give great insight into how you compare to your peers locally, and abroad. They put a lot of effort into the survey's to try and make them as fun and...
  19. H

    First job. Financial advice needed with regard to savings/investments.

    Hello, I have recently started my first real job (Software Industry). The details are as follows: I'm a 23 year old guy, based in Durban. Living with my parents. Cost to company: Gross salary: R17500 Cell phone allowance: R600 pm Deductions: PAYE: +-R2170 (Just realized it hasn't been...
  20. Nod

    OpenToonz: Making high-end animation software accessible

    Source: More at the source ....