ADSL Issues (Telkom/Afrihost)


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Nov 10, 2016
Hi, read through most posts (the stickied posts) about DSl issues etc.

I've recently logged many faults with Telkom and Afrihost (as they deal with the line), but to no avail. I either get the normal answer of you're too far away or telkom doesn't deal with queries like that (this was said by Afrihost...).

This is the stats of the current DSL line connected to my ASUS DSL N17U (Adsl/Vdsl) Router:

As you can see, the SNR margin is decent, HOWEVER, it jumps from 9db to 13.1db all the time. My line attenuation is amazing (sub 20db most of the time). The crux of this matter is: CRC errors. As of late, I've been getting INSANE amounts of CRC errors. I get over 100 000 CRC errors on the downstream in about half an hour of router up-time. Does this mean that recently the cabling in my area became faulty? Or is it something on my side?

Another bonus fact: I've been on ADSL ATM Modulation forever even though my line reached 20mpbs down and 1.1mpbs up; but apparently Telkom doesn't deal with requests to switch me over to VDSL PTM (according to Afrihost at least) even though I have a 20mb line.

I just want a normal line :(