1. J

    New Router Problems

    I recently bought a Tenda D301 v2 ADSL router to replace our old D-Link router. Since installing it, I've encountered a problem. Any form of upload (even just sending a PDF over WhatsApp) completely annihilates the line. So much so that I can't even open up a Web page. Even though it's an ADSL...
  2. D

    Telkom DSL Lite throttling 6pm to 11pm

    I read on the Telkom site that for the DSL lite there is throttling from 18:00 to 23:00 Got this from the product page. "Uncapped Internet with NO FUP threshold (throttling will be applied during 18:00 and 23:00 - peak times) Refer to AUP T’s and C’s." Anyone with the DSL lite experienced this?
  3. W

    Rocketsat internet

    Good Day All Has anyone used Rocketsat internet.? Just curious on legitimacy
  4. D

    Afrihost Slow down at Night and weekends

    Hi So I've had afrihost vdsl 20 meg home uncapped account for a about 4 months and it worked great but over the last 2 weeks it has become extremely slow from 6pm up to 10 pm during week days and the entire weekend. Like 2 meg down on speed test. I phoned afrihost and did port reset but no...
  5. B

    adsl vs vdsl modem

    Hi, so i currently have a 20mbs dsl package from telkom, however I only receive speeds up to 16mbs, I am currently using a regular adsl router, will upgrading to a vdsl router give me better results? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  6. Jamie McKane

    How COVID-19 saved ADSL in South Africa

    How COVID-19 saved ADSL in South Africa The COVID-19 pandemic and South Africa's national lockdown implemented to curb the spread of the virus has fundamentally changed Telkom's ADSL strategy. This is according to Telkom head of consumer Serame Taukobong, who said that the launch of...
  7. C

    Beware - Telkom removing ADSL services through the coverage map

    Yesterday, I was speaking to my neighbor who says he was on the phone the whole day trying to get Telkom to come and install a line for him. Telkom says there is no coverage for ADSL in our area according to the coverage map and therefore any new orders will be rejected by the system for that...
  8. H

    data reseller

    How does one become a data reseller, and which ISP company do you recommend to register with?
  9. M

    Naked ADSL Telkom - worth it?

    Does anyone have experience with Telkom's new "naked ADSL"? I would really appreciate any feedback. Is it worth it? Is the speed good, etc? (p.s. I would love to have fibre but that is not an option at the moment as I stay in a complex with an unaccommodating managing agent).
  10. R

    Telkom migrating from ADSL to Wireless - Downgrade from 10mbps to 4mbps

    This is something Telkom has been pushing for a couple of months now. We were told that our ADSL copper line is no longer supported and we need to move over to their wireless infrastructure. Once on the wireless network I noticed that my speed was unusually low and when I followed up on it with...
  11. P

    Rain 5G Premium package is acctually ADSL 1Mb Package.

    I have the Rain 5G package and except for a glorious few minutes now and then of 350 Mb/s I tend to get slightly better than Adsl 10 Mb/s speeds on it. However since wednesday I have not had reliable service at all and during the day I seem incapable of having a stretch of more than 30 minutes...
  12. Jamie McKane

    ADSL is not dead - Telkom's plans for copper

    ADSL is not dead - Telkom's plans for copper Telkom will continue to offer copper-based fixed-line services in areas which it deems to be economically viable. The company's wholesale broadband division, Openserve, recently launched Pure Connect - a "Naked ADSL" product which does not require...
  13. TimBru14

    Openserve free fibre and ADSL upgrades

    Hi As per a recent article posted to MyBroadband (which I have linked below), it was stated that those that are on copper based ADSL running less than 10MBps will be bumped up to 10Mbps and those running fibre less than 100Mbps will be bumped up to 100Mbps for the next 3 odd months as of today...
  14. G

    Openserve Temp Speed Upgrades

    In the light of the Openserve Temp Speed Upgrades - thought I'll open a thread for tracking of areas that have received their upgrades. Edit: Fibre and ADSL
  15. B

    Can I get fibre despite being a few meters out of coverage?

    So I'm being forced to move from Adsl to fibre or Lte because Telkom refuse to repair faulty dsl lines, and Telkom lte coverage in my area is poor, and I just fall out of the radius for fibre. When I say just out of the radius I mean a matter of meters, as the coverage appears to have stopped...
  16. B

    Moving from telkom adsl to telkom lte

    So telkom are forcing me to move from my 20mbs uncapped adsl line to an uncapped fixed LTE service as there is a fault on line and they arent replacing copper cables for dsl. Telkoms coverage in my area doesnt appear to be great as i get slow Download and upload speeds with telkom mobile which...
  17. F


  18. A

    Which would be better, 10Mbps ADSL or 5Mbps Fibre

    Hi all, Please provide me with a little bit of advise/input/opinions Currently I'm using MTN LTE 40GB package and it worked, but the cap is just not enough. So now I'm looking at getting an uncapped option, preferably ADSL or Fibre. The monthly cost I would like to keep low and not pay to...
  19. M

    ADSL Available or Discontinued?

    I stay in Parklands, close to the Sandown Checkers, and I want to know when ADSL lines will be discontinued or if they have already been discontinued in the area? Any information would be very helpful on this matter.
  20. G

    3 Wireless ADSL and VDSL routers for sale [bundle deal - all for R500]

    Three used ADSL/VDSL modem routers for sale. Perfect for someone looking to use them as range extenders or for an IT guy to use as test devices. If you're still on ADSL, you can use the VDSL modem router to get up to 40mbps on an ADSL line. Just the VDSL router retails for around R1000. Based...