ADSL Upstream SNR Margin


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Sep 22, 2013
Hey there,

So recently my area had an MSAN installed about 100m away from me and I was connected to it. Recently I checked my line stats and although my downstream stats were good at, 14db attenuation and 23db SNR margin, my upstream stats were much worse at, 23db attenuation and 12db SNR margin. My question is how can the same line have different quality according to which direction the current is flowing in and also will I be able to get 20Mbps if my exchange is enabled for it or is my upstream SNR margin too low.

In case it isn't clear my downstream SNR is the factor affecting my download speed (or at least that's what the Afrihost line tester says lol) and upstream is for upload speed I think. It would be very helpful if someone could shed some light on this for me please :)