Aki Anastasiou


Staff member
Jul 22, 2003
Aki Anastasiou has always had a fascination for radio, and his passion for the medium grew to the point where he’d call 702 to enter their on-air competitions: especially the ones requiring various sound effects and voice impersonations.

Aki Anastasiou began working at 702 during his school holidays and, upon his matriculation, he joined the station full time as a sound engineer. He worked his way into several departments, including the “Fun & Games” department which was responsible for conceptualising and executing various marketing and promotional strategies. Since 1990, he has reported on 702-land’s traffic from the skies above and the roads below in the 702 Helicopter.

Aki Anastasiou is a regular stand-in talk show host, while at the same time, having assisted in the development of 702’s internet presence. He hosts “Technobytes” every Monday afternoon with David O’Sullivan and also hosts the “Technology and Gadget Show” with Jenny Crwys-Williams every fortnight. He is also the “techno-man” for both 702 and Cape Talk when any technology news makes the headlines.

Aki still presents the traffic reports every morning on 702.

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