All the DStv changes which become active from today

If only we had news on audible's new changes... The audible plus catalogue seems great in comparison to the audible originals per month.
So no more tennis in Compact? It seems they properly neutered the Compact bouquet...
Lots of collateral damage as well.
Channels with no sound, sound no video, cut ins wrong, ads overlapping content, wrong inserts, unexplained breaks, failed recordings as channel IDs have changed, EPG not in step with changes, ..................
Hi Supersport - Where will the Gallagher Premiership rugby find a home in this new set-up?
And will we see any of the championship matches next season now that European champs Saracens have been forced down into that lower league after off-the-field payment problems?
I am extremely unhappy with the changes to the sports channels as for years we had access to a channel with highlights of various sports. Now, all we have access to is international soccer which we DO NOT watch. We were DSTV Select subscribers & that package was done away with but we could still view channel 210 which showed shortened versions of various sports. I now cannot watch Formula 1 or Moto GP'S or other motor sport. Unfortunately, Openview shows very little sport or I would have cancelled my DSTV subscription. Another thing is that when we became DSTV subscribers we were able to choose between Universal Channel or Kyknet now we have kyknet which we do not watch. We should be given a choice of 1 or 2 channels to choose from if we don't want Kyknet. I am sure there are quite a lot of Dstv subscribers who would rather not have Kyknet.
The Tour de France was on 4 channels today :D 4 channels showing exactly the same thing
DSTV Compact is negatively affected for sure. 3 viewing choices downgraded to 2 viewing choices. Remember that Compact does not have Catch-up Plus to view any of those movies. Today on 'normal' catchup there are only 2 movies listed under m-net movies. Compact is definitely not worth it anymore.