1. W

    DSTV Stream

    Hi, I have just learnt that you cannot AirPlay DSTV Stream to your TV if someone watches Stream on their CTV within the same account. I simply do not get it - why can we not do this?
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    MultiChoice directors not holding shares in the company

    MultiChoice directors not holding shares in the company MultiChoice's latest annual report revealed that, apart from executives who received shares, not a single director owned shares in the company. Its financial statements further revealed that MultiChoice directors have been selling shares...
  3. Hanno Labuschagne

    DStv removes setting that allowed decoder owners to get 100 free channels

    DStv removes setting that allowed decoder owners to get 100 free channels DStv has removed the ability to receive around 100 free channels on its decoders, previously available through a simple setting change. MyBroadband previously used the tweak to gain access to the channels on a decoder...
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    DStv vs Canal+ — Packages and pricing compared

    DStv vs Canal+ — Packages and pricing compared Where DStv focuses on sports, local content, and a selection of international blockbusters, Canal+ subscriptions aggregate a handful of channels with various streaming providers. Groupe Canal+ is a French media conglomerate that is in the midst of...
  5. Hanno Labuschagne

    DStv's subscriber decline in detail

    DStv's subscriber decline in detail MultiChoice is struggling to maintain its DStv subscriber base, with years of price hikes making the pay-TV service expensive and unaffordable for many South African residents. The company's annual results for the 2023/24 financial year revealed that it lost...
  6. Lefty309

    DSTV Access (decoder) vs DSTV Access (stream)

    Hi my parents are on the Access package via decoder for R129pm. Our satellite stopped working and I see the Access package via stream is R49pm, so good time to switch over. However their website says decoder gets 66+ channels while streaming gets 55+. I don't think there would be a difference...
  7. Hanno Labuschagne

    Capetonian coughs up R17,000 for DStv installation

    Capetonian coughs up R17,000 for DStv installation A resident of Newlands in Cape Town was recently overcharged roughly R16,000 on a DStv setup performed by an unaccredited installer. The disgruntled Capetonian — Brian Davey — told his story to consumer rights journalist Wendy Knowler, who...
  8. Jan

    MultiChoice happy with response to Extra Stream

    DStv's big streaming plans MultiChoice says it plans to unveil further streaming-related products this year to enhance its customers' experience. MyBroadband asked the pay-TV broadcaster how its add-on Extra Stream subscriptions performed and whether the move met its expectations.
  9. Hanno Labuschagne

    BRC survey reveals big decline in linear TV viewing in SA

    BRC survey reveals big decline in linear TV viewing in SA A Broadcast Research Council of South Africa (BRC) survey has revealed that the number of households watching traditional linear TV in South Africa has dropped 12.5% between 2019 and 2023. Despite the number of households in South...
  10. Jan

    2023 - the year from hell for MultiChoice

    MultiChoice's year from hell Last year was filled with challenges for DStv owner MultiChoice, with the company reporting a loss of R911 million during the year's second half and the loss of nearly half a million DStv subscribers in September 2023. JP Morgan Chase & Co also downgraded the...
  11. Jan

    "Never say never" - MultiChoice on more standalone sports packages, 4K

    DStv and Showmax could launch more standalone sports streaming packages MultiChoice has said launching more standalone sports streaming products like its new Showmax Premier League service is a possibility. Responding to questions about why Showmax 2.0 only launched with a Premier League...
  12. Jan

    DStv short-changing customers on refunds for involuntary Disney+ subscriptions

    DStv short-changes customers billed for free Disney+ subscriptions DStv is only partially refunding some customers for Disney+ subscriptions it added to their bills without permission. In the past few days, numerous DStv customers complained about monthly Disney+ subscriptions of R139...
  13. Jan

    DStv subscribers get shock Disney+ bill

    DStv charging customers for Disney+ without permission DStv has incorrectly charged numerous customers for Disney+ subscriptions without them requesting to have the service added to their accounts. Thanks to a partnership with the Walt Disney Company, the MultiChoice-owned service allows...
  14. S

    Anyone has one of these boxes?

    Hi, My complex has this unit (see attached image) fitted to the wall. Does anyone know if OVHD can be connected to it? And to which port should it be plugged into? I'm hoping it is not for DStv exclusively. And should the power light be on all the time?
  15. dt513

    DSTV no longer working with IPv6 enabled on local LAN

    Good day, Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this on. However I have been running IPv4 and IPv6 on my home network for some time and have had no issues with DSTV up until yesterday. As of yesterday DSTV is no longer working when runningIPv4 and IPv6 dual stack. When disabling IPv6...
  16. R

    Please help find a song from a DSTV ad!

    I will REWARD GENEROUSLY whomever gives information about this song! Epic valuable mystery present!!!!!! ;) Lyrics: Your swayin' arms, held me from the moment I could breathe, gave me all the love I'll ever need, wherever I go, they'll wait for me home. Your swayin' arms, lifting me so high...
  17. LielaB

    Recover DSTV app on Xiaomi Mi Stick

    The DSTV app on the Xiaomi Mi stick was deleted by accident. When I go into the Play Store to search for the app, I find only the Showmax app. Any suggestions on how to recover the DSTV streaming app?
  18. Jan

    DStv R19.95 promotion subscribers report trouble with 30-day cancellation policy

    Headache for DStv R19.95 Rugby World Cup final deal customers In a brilliant piece of nostalgia marketing, MultiChoice launched a promotion on Friday offering a once-off R19.95 deal on DStv Access streaming packages to watch the 2023 World Cup Final. While subscribers reported that...
  19. Jan

    eMedia launches fresh court fight against SuperSport over World Cup rights

    DStv's SuperSport breaking the law — Openview launches fresh court fight eMedia has filed fresh court papers against MultiChoice’s SuperSport over its sub-licensing restrictions prohibiting the SABC from broadcasting the Rugby and Cricket World Cup on Openview. This comes after the High Court...
  20. Jan

    High Court strikes eMedia's urgent application against MultiChoice over rugby rights off the roll

    DStv's SuperSport beats Openview in court fight The Johannesburg High Court has struck eMedia’s urgent application against MultiChoice off the roll, the broadcasters have confirmed. eMedia took legal action against MultiChoice over restrictions it placed in a sub-licensing deal with the SABC...