1. T

    DSTV Now and Smart TV's

    Hi there, I am looking into buying a new Smart TV for a bar area, but I want a smart TV that can support DSTV now app so I don't have to run cables through to the TV. Does anyone have a list of supported devices? I only find Samsung TV's that are supported but a friend had the app on a Hisense TV.
  2. Jamie McKane

    Where to stream sports after cancelling DStv

    Where to stream sports after cancelling DStv DStv is an incredibly expensive service, particularly when compared to streaming services such as Netflix and Showmax. However, many South Africans choose to continue paying their DStv subscription so that they can watch a wide variety of sports.
  3. Jamie McKane

    How much you can save by dropping DStv for Netflix and fibre

    How much you can save by dropping DStv for Netflix and fibre Tough economic conditions have put additional strain on South African consumers, with many cutting back on unecessary spending to save money. A large portion of households with lower monthly incomes are cutting back or have already...
  4. Jamie McKane

    The best alternatives to DStv

    The best alternatives to DStv MultiChoice is struggling to hold on to its DStv Premium subscribers, with thousands of people dumping the service each month in favour of more affordable options. One of the main reasons for this decline in DStv Premium subscriptions in South Africa is the...
  5. M

    Issues with FreeMe LIT bundles on Telkom-Vodacom roaming

    Good day all Is anyone else experiencing data issues with the new Telkom-Vodacom seamless roaming agreement? Previously with MTN roaming, I was able to enjoy my LIT packages without issue. Now it seems like when seamlessly roaming on Vodacom, their systems prefer normal data to LIT data. As a...
  6. NeonNinja

    DStv prices will not decrease

  7. Jamie McKane

    DStv Premium is suffering due to high prices

    DStv Premium is suffering due to high prices MultiChoice released its annual results for the year ended 31 March 2019, which revealed a significant decline in DStv Premium subscribers. While MultiChoice did not want to say how many DStv Premium subscribers it lost, it admitted that its top...
  8. Amine

    DStv Wi-Fi connect issue

    Hello everyone I have a technical difficulty connecting my DSTV wifi connect to my home wifi. I'm not sure if you are familiar with a Mesh wifi system, it's more than one device/unit communicating together to create a large range of wifi coverage and it is made to do that, i'm using (TP-LINK...
  9. Jamie McKane

    DStv is making more money than ever

    DStv is making more money than ever MultiChoice is set to release its financial results for the year ended 31 March 2019, which will show that the company made a trading profit of around R7 billion. The company said its trading profit is expected to be between 9% (R0.6 billion) and 13% (R0.8...
  10. S

    Explora 3, hd pvr and 1131 decode extra view setup, please assist

    Hi Would you please be so kind to advise on D.I.Y extra view setup and equipment that might be needed. I'm jnr, I have a fair knowledge of dstv installation and extra view. I'm helping my mother with her connection, I had previously installed a twin LNB to a 2×4 multi switch then to an HD PVR...
  11. Jamie McKane

    DStv censorship fight over "double standards"

    DStv censorship fight over "double standards" AfriForum has declared a dispute with MultiChoice regarding “the inconsistent application of this television company’s political policy”. In April, MultiChoice said it would not carry content that includes Steve Hofmeyr on any of its platforms as...
  12. J

    DStv and ovhd on one satellite dish with twin lnb

    Hey guys need some help please I have one dish setup with a twin lnb with one cable going to DStv and one to ovhd and I have 100 percent signal strength and quality but the minute I plug in the second cable to the twin lnb that goes to the ovhd decoder I lose channels on DStv but when I unplug...
  13. Jamie McKane

    Gone with DStv

    Gone with DStv Steve Hofmeyr’s supporters are following his lead by cancelling their DStv accounts and destroying their DStv satellite dishes and decoders. On Thursday, Hofmeyr posted a video on Facebook where he cancelled his DStv account, destroyed his DStv decoder by driving over it, and...
  14. U

    DSTV explora 2 + explora 1/ HD Single view set up change from 4 tuner HD PVR

    Hi, I currently have a DSTV Explora 2 and an HD PVR 4 tuner connected via extra view. An accredited installer came out and changed my LNB to a smart LNB and did the whole set up. A heartbeat was also installed. The HD PVR 4 tuner stopped working and I need to get a new decoder however, I do...
  15. Jamie McKane

    New DStv HD decoder for R399

    New DStv HD decoder for R399 MultiChoice Group has announced the launch its DStv HD Decoder 6, which replaces its 5-series of decoders. The new model has the same functionalities as the HD Decoder 5-series and retains most of its features while offering some new improvements.
  16. T

    Den of Thieves

    has anyone watched Den of Thieves on DSTV Catch up
  17. Jamie McKane

    Choosing your own DStv channels - Here is where we stand

    Choosing your own DStv channels - Here is where we stand MultiChoice said it will not be forced to let subscribers choose their own channels, according to ICASA’s draft findings document on its inquiry into the subscription TV market in South Africa. “This is the process that started in 2016...
  18. Jamie McKane

    DStv's big fight against piracy in South Africa

    DStv's big fight against piracy in South Africa Piracy is a bigger competitor to its DStv offering than Netflix, since a wide variety of content, including unreleased movies, is available on torrent sites for free. This is the view of MultiChoice’s senior manager for customer experience...
  19. Jamie McKane

    All the HD channels on DStv

    All the HD channels on DStv DStv currently offers 67 high definition (HD) channels in South Africa, with content ranging from general entertainment and sport, to documentaries and news. This extends back to when MultiChoice launched M-Net HD in 2008, using the Beijing Olympics to showcase the...
  20. Nobody Important

    Is PayU still working (DSTV debit orders)?

    TLDR: PayU just stopped processing debit orders without notifying me. Their website is broken. Have they shutdown? I have been paying my monthly DSTV subscription via a debit order/monthly charge to my credit card via PayU for the the better part of the last decade. Today my account was...