Altech UEC


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Jul 22, 2003
Altech UEC is a leading developer of hardware and software solutions for the international digital television industry. Altech UEC specialises in the provision of integrated solutions comprising high-specification, high quality products supported by value added software solutions and logistical support services. Altech UEC has a global reach with technical development and support centres in South Africa and Australia and sales support offices in South Africa, Australia, India and Israel. Altech UEC boasts a blue-chip client base and an award winning product portfolio as well as an enviable reputation amongst its partners and peers as one of the most technologically capable businesses in the industry.

Altech UEC is a pioneer of the digital video broadcast STB industry having launched a world-first digital video broadcast STB in 1995 and continues to lead the industry through the development of ground-breaking products custom designed to suit each Network Operator’s unique technical and commercial requirements. Since that time, Altech UEC has consistently been in the forefront of digital technical innovation, enabling it to capture market share around the world

Today, Altech UEC is focused on the design, development and manufacture of compressed digital television and data reception equipment for satellite, terrestrial and cable television Operators, and in the design and development of interactive television applications. Altech UEC employs approximately 1000 people worldwide including over 150 qualified electronic and software engineers and technicians.

Altech UEC’s reputation as one of the world’s leading R&D facilities in its chosen field has led to several significant joint venture, technology transfer and collaborative projects with major international manufacturers. Altech UEC’s own intellectual property forms the basis of all Altech UEC’s products and market leading middleware and conditional access systems are incorporated against third-party license agreements. In addition, Altech UEC’s commitment to quality has made the Altech UEC product a sought after commodity throughout the world.

The company, whilst being technology conscious, is market driven and all Altech UEC products are developed with a specific market or application in mind, often in partnership with its operator clients. Specializing to this extent has resulted in Altech UEC acquiring the skills, knowledge and ability to translate its customer’s requirements or concepts into a finished product in the shortest possible time.

Altech UEC has developed and deployed digital terrestrial decoders which utilise an integrated multi-standard MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 (H.264) Standard Definition processor. In addition, Altech UEC has developed its own middleware stack based on open standards. The Altech UEC middleware is Linux based and supports the MHEG5 requirements as outlined in SANS862:2009. This middleware has been specifically developed to support e-government services and universal access to internet as requested by government and outlined in the broadcast digital migration (BDM) policy for South Africa published in September 2008. Altech UEC is the primary provider of STBs to the South African Pay-TV market.

Altech UEC believes that they are unique in being a local company with broad international experience in the manufacture of digital STBs. In addition, Altech UEC employs over 1000 people and is an active participant in corporate social investment and broad based black economic empowerment initiatives.