Apple to pull latest smartwatches from US stores

““The ITC found that Apple stole Masimo’s patented pulse oximetry technology, which measures blood oxygen,” the company said”

Disgusting - I hope they face the full might of the law
I lolled when I read that yesterday on Twitter. As much as I like my apple products, that's just not on.
This can’t be true. One of the wokest, do good, holy companies in the world? Tim Cook must surely be able to explain this misunderstanding.
This can’t be true. One of the wokest, do good, holy companies in the world? Tim Cook must surely be able to explain this misunderstanding.
You know what they say. You go woke, you go broke. Only a matter of time now.

So they are lying?

Ok :)
I don’t know if they’re lying. I read the news enough to know that every major tech company fields dozens maybe hundreds of these kinds of cases because suing over a patent is an easy way to make a quick buck. Some shell companies exist solely for that purpose. They buy patents they have no intention of using, and then litigate to make money.

Sony, Microsoft, Samsung have all been victims. That I know of, the list is almost assuredly much much longer.
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Interesting page issue warnings.
I am curious whether Apple has approached them previously to license the IP? Apple is a large company that is knowledgeable about the IP areas they navigate during product design and development. Masimo though didn't sit on the IP, so it isn't patent trolling.
I think that Apple has engaged with Massimo, but without reaching an agreement, Apple sought to exploit the IP's gray areas. Not an exact copy, but more like an imitation. All Apple has to prove is its distinctness or so to speak.

I won't know, I am guessing. I am unsure about the timelines, but Massimo has long dabbled in this tech. Though I am unsure about this particular patent speaking to their own products. Apple might have had the idea to race them to market. The two have their own target markets… I will leave this to the FTC, say Apple succeeds in their appeal, then they won, say they don’t then they need to rethink their strategy in beating others to market.

Why would they lie, @Dolby?
So, you realistically feel an 8000 strong company with a database of medical patents that *supply* medical equipment globally is going to patent troll? Are you for real?

Are you able to think a bit further & apply your logic?

I know Apple fans lack all ability to think - but I thought that was when it came to technology. I didn’t think it was a blanket ‘not being able to think’

And you also feel that Apple patents are a bit much when patent colours & shapes - and uphold them? I mean they want to patent a photo of a fruit too. But I guess their founder wasn’t the most ethical guy himself and condoned stealing … no real surprise this is even happening