Bark stripping a concern


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Apr 20, 2005
In my case, it'd be a leaflet.
Mine the back of a pack of 30's would have worked. Except as a student when I got pissed when I can't remember much anyway and definitely did not take notes, or would have tossed the empty pack away anyhow. But I think I was good as nobody looked me up the past odd 40 yrs. Phew! :p

The Free Radical

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Apr 6, 2017
Look no futher than the sack cloth rasta muti men (aka bossiedokers) who sell indigenous tree barks, endangered bulb roots etc on the pavements in Cape Town. They should all be arrested and charged. They are the ones stripping the indigenous flora and creating habitat ruin in an unsustainable way. They strip the veld of anything they can find to make a few Rand on the street. Every single day you see them coming off the mountain with large sacks on their backs full of these endemic and endangered species.

I have NEVER seen SANPARKS raiding them, or questioning them coming off the mountain.

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