Oct 1, 2019
Unfortunately due to South African regulations clients have little recourse when I company takes their money.

All that I can do now is post on forums and hopefully help other people avoid unethical companies.

A few months back I applied online at 1-grid for their R49.00 a month small hosting package. I completed the process and got a pending notice on the service. Two days went by and the service was still pending so I called in to find out if everything was in order.

I was told a long story and obviously didn't understand as it related to their backend. Fine, no problem as long as we can get it sorted. The guy on the phone says he will go sort it out and will get back to me. A few minutes later a receive a text message for a debit of just under R700.

I immediately called back and asked what the debit was for and after a long round about, and a few calls at my expense, it turns out the guy upgraded the service to get it working but at the same time requested an annual instead of monthly subscription.

To this day I am struggling to get the service cancelled and my relatively small amount of money refunded. They are refusing and say that I can only be refunded at the end of the billing cycle. (In other words a whole year before I can get my money back).

Besides the constant issue with client service I cancelled my services with them because their hosting is extremely slow as well. So please if you're considering a web host do not consider 1-grid.


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Oct 28, 2005
Just keep pushing them... I got my issues sorted that way. Keep with the facts. They screwed up, not you.

Jade @ Absolute Hosting

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Nov 17, 2015
No need to fight them for your money back, contact your bank and have them reverse the debit order.

How do I dispute a debit order transaction?
Your first recourse is to the party with whom the debit order was signed or the party that has submitted the debit order for collection to your bank. Only if this course of action has proved to be unsuccessful, may you approach your bank to dispute the debit order. This is achieved by signing a dispute form at your bank, in which you declare the reason for the dispute.

If this fails then contact PASA and request assistance and compliance audit.


Oct 29, 2010
Definitely - Moved all my stuff to Absolute Hosting, jumped ship from 1-grid as soon as I could.

I'm also busy migrating over to Absolute. Not because my previous host sucked though, in fact they were awesome in almost every way. But I don't get performance elsewhere like I get on Absolute. Even the download and upload speeds of my backups are dramatically faster on Absolute.