1. Cyanide9

    Xneelo hosting and Laravel

    We currently use a managed server from Xneelo for all our websites and web-based applications. The problem we're having is that Xneelo does not support the proper/correct way of deploying a Laravel application by changing the web document root to serve the Laravel public folder. They did however...
  2. PrimeSteak

    HostAfrica domain not sending emails from contact form

    Not sure if this rather belongs in Software Dev or here. @The_Librarian you can decide. I'm almost ready to reveal my site. But my contact page isn't working, which is strange. I'm not getting errors but it seems the script I used backend for emails isn't firing. I'd click "Send Message" and it...
  3. P

    No Progress on Domain Transfer

    Good Day I was hoping to possibly reach out to any other Afrihost client that may have experienced this or anyone who may have suggestions on how to get it moving along. I am currently moving my domain from unnamed provider over to my Afrihost account I have had for a few years with all my...
  4. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    In Photos - AMD EPYC Bergamo 9754 SuperMicro VPS Host - 512 thread CPU1.5TB RAM

    We're proud to share with you photos of the latest AMD EPYC Bergamo 9754 Powered VPS Host.
  5. Lebogang95

    VPS Hosting: cgi-sys issue

    Hi all. I recently purchased a VPS hosting package from in an attempt to host a Laravel Application there. I created a fresh cpanel account and created an index.html file in the public_html folder however whenever I try to access the site using the shared IP address found on cpanel...
  6. N

    General lack of fully capable reseller host providers in SA?

    Has anyone else noticed that its incredibly hard to find good reseller providers in SA? I found there's always something making the provider unattractive. Some examples: HostAfrica - Doesnt offer SSH even though it's completely standard in the rest of the world. They cite "security concerns"...
  7. S

    2023 Price Increase

    Anyone received anything yet? According to an agent plat pro linux might be going up R20 but no official word yet. Some of us need to notify clients >.<
  8. W

    Recommendation of International Hosting Provider

    Hi Guys, We have been reselling hosting services for more than 10 years, all my resold providers are local. Long ago we used international providers back when resellable hosting was not yet something South Africa had. We had a bad experience with them (AlpsHost) because of support being very...
  9. Jan

    Basic website hosting prices compared

    How much it costs to host a basic website in South Africa Having a website for your brand is vital in the modern age, and South African businesses have a range of hosting providers from which to choose. It is crucial that you choose the right hosting service for your needs to ensure that you...
  10. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    cPanel Pricing Adjustment

    Here at cPanel, we are passionate about providing the most reliable and intuitive website and server management platform on the market. In our continued efforts to increase performance, scalability, support, usability, and UI modernization, we are contacting you today to notify you of a pricing...
  11. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    WHMCS Security Update 2021-02-26

  12. hostingbarn


    Hey folks, Just to introduce our company (Hostingbarn). We are a small hosting provider located in Buffalo City / East London. We offer high quality hosting, affordable domain names and decent VPN connections. Our VPN connections have military grade encryption and we keep no logs. We have...
  13. B

    Help please hosting for Woocommerce

    Hi Web designers who work with Wordpress, Woocommerce and Divi... who do you recommend for hosting? I’m specifically looking for hosting that can handle my client’s online shop of about 5gb through Woocommerce and Divi. My current hosting has the space but not the resources like CPU, I/O etc...
  14. G

    Connecting Shopify To Axxess Domain

    How do i go about connecting my shopify store with my Axxess Domain? I previously had a site built and the guy created the domain under Axxess hosting, but the site he built was absolutely terrible and I thus decided to create my own shopify site. I need help with connecting the current shopify...
  15. V

    Transferring of .com domain

    Hi guys, I am struggling to transfer my client's .com domain from their current host (which was created and managed by an other individual, let's call him Person B) to a new host (Axxess). Usually I have worked with GoDaddy and bluehost, and how their process works is super simple. Basically...
  16. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    OpenCart Guru's?

    Hey Guys We have a client who is looking for an OpenCart guru to assist with things that are beyond technical abilities and I advised that I would find out from the MYBB community as there are a ton of skilled people on here. If OpenCart is your thing then please get in touch with me via PM...
  17. R

    Rust Server Hosting

    Good Day Everyone, I saw doesn't have JHB and CT Server Hosting anymore, I'm looking to Host a Rust Server. Does anyone know who I can contact or where I can look for other ZA Hosting companies? Regards
  18. J

    How much it costs to build and host a website in South Africa

    How much it costs to build and host a website in South Africa South Africa has many different hosting providers, and it is crucial that you pick the right hosting service for your needs. Considerations when choosing your hosting provider and package include cost, storage space, customer...
  19. U

    Afrihost Hosting Alternative?

    Can anyone recommend an alternative to Afrihost for hosting a basic linux server with something like cPanel? The team over at Afrihost keeps blocking my emails from even sending if it includes the word "payment" in the email. Kinda getting fed up with it now calling them every other month...
  20. R

    Serverless (Azure & AWS) vs Dedicated Servers

    Hey guys, Looking for opinions here, I have always used dedicated servers for Web Applications ( Not Websites ) I have been looking at Azure over the break as they now have a presence in South Africa, but I'll be honest I am not getting on with them when trying to host a PHP/Laravel Web App...