1. U

    Afrihost Hosting Alternative?

    Can anyone recommend an alternative to Afrihost for hosting a basic linux server with something like cPanel? The team over at Afrihost keeps blocking my emails from even sending if it includes the word "payment" in the email. Kinda getting fed up with it now calling them every other month...
  2. R

    Serverless (Azure & AWS) vs Dedicated Servers

    Hey guys, Looking for opinions here, I have always used dedicated servers for Web Applications ( Not Websites ) I have been looking at Azure over the break as they now have a presence in South Africa, but I'll be honest I am not getting on with them when trying to host a PHP/Laravel Web App...
  3. A

    .Net Core 2.2 Hosting

    Morning, I have written a .Net Core 2.2 Web API application for a client, but cannot seem to find a hosting company that supports .Net Core? Any suggestions as to which companies actually supports this? Thanks
  4. W

    Beware of 1-grid

    Unfortunately due to South African regulations clients have little recourse when I company takes their money. All that I can do now is post on forums and hopefully help other people avoid unethical companies. A few months back I applied online at 1-grid for their R49.00 a month small hosting...
  5. S

    Unable to get 1-grid / gridhost / serve to transfer (release) domain

    Help!!! Has anyone else had experience transferring a dotcom domain AWAY from 1-grid / gridhost / serve / whatever they are calling themselves this year? We have been trying since July to get them to release our domain, which we recently found out is actually registered with enom (they don't...
  6. R

    Co Location Services

    Hi Guys, I posted a little while ago about finding a provider that can provide hosting with large storage. Worked out quite expensive in South Africa (as one might expect). However, since then I have managed to get my hands on a HP 2u Rack mount server and I am wanting to get this installed in...
  7. R

    SA located Server hosting with large storage

    Hey guys, So I bought a server via Hetzner's server auction a couple months ago. While it's fantastic, I'm getting a little frustrated with international speeds (not Hetzner's fault - my ISP). I was wondering if anyone knows of a hosting company that has a local DC that offers servers (either...
  8. KingBeven

    MediaDevelopments Now Spams for New Clients

    A thing I've recently noticed is happing more and more is companies spamming contact forms to pitch their services. Now if you are not intelligent enough or too lazy to do the work required to set up a functional cold email campaign then you shouldn't be working in this space. This morning a...
  9. J

    Running an Angular 7 application on Hetzner

    Hi, has anyone successfully deployed an Angular 7 app on Hetzner's shared web hosting? I'm planning to run a complete Angular 7 - PHP 7.2 - Mysql stack on said hosting. I know that this works on my German Hetzner account, but my client's client base is in South Africa and latency is supposed to...
  10. P

    R56000 bill for diskspace usage

    We have a re-seller account at 1-Grid. A client stopped using their email and it filled up on the server with tons of email pushing our disk allocation past its limit (They don't allow limits on mailboxes); 1-Grid sent us a bill of R56 000 for one month's usage out of the blue with no warning...
  11. -TachyonRSA

    Absolute Hosting Review

    I recently signed up with Absolute Hosting and decided I will post a review of them. TL;DR: Absolutely amazing features at great prices with the best customer service I have ever received from any hosting provider. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a hosting provider with great...
  12. D

    Buying Hosting Client Bases

    Hi all. I'm currently buying hosting client bases but phoning small businesses with client bases of 5 isn't exactly proving to be worth my time and effort. Is there any recommended site that I perhaps have overlooked that lists South African hosting client bases for sale? If there are, please...
  13. M

    What does it cost to set up and run a Forum site like Mybroadband?

    Can anyone provide estimates of what it costs to set up and maintain a 'forum site'? A forum similar to Mybroadband serving a specific community (this is not competition to mybroadband!). Can one buy a standard template? What would hosting cost? What other significant costs to consider?
  14. S

    Terribly Terribly Let down by Afrihost - Extremely Poor Service, Just APPALLING

    Extremely disappointed in Afrihost, all that was wrong our SSL certificate expired, 3 days later, business lost. All we get is automatic responders, they brag about new whatsapp service, still waiting for answers since 11am this morning. Our e-commerce website in existence since 2012, just...
  15. saynothing Domain Registration & Hosting (Avada Wordpress)

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a hosting company that is affordable with quick support & won't ignore my tickets or hold my site hostage. I currently have a website that I got many many years ago, but the guy who registered it on my behalf won't take my calls & I can't get rid of his restrictions...
  16. M

    Need a VPS asap

    The server my VPS is on is being decommissioned mid March. I need around 70GB To be honest I am not the most technically clued up with these things, so would prefer someone who has some level of support available. I am usually able to remove malicious scripts and so on. Preferable...
  17. M

    Domains v Elitehost v other options?

    Any recommendations from personal experience on which host to select? Or are they much the same? My needs are basic: a 4-3 page website and about 5 email addresses. Any thoughts welcome.
  18. K

    Questions about Axxess Cloud Hosting

    If anyone has experience with Cloud Hosting at Axxess, could you please answer some of the questions I have below? Since Axxess does not bother to answer my questions ( ) I hope that members of this community can answer them. BAD FORM...
  19. J

    Colocation hosting - What do users want?

    Hi MyBroadband users, I am interested in what you want from, or if you are interested in, colocation hosting. General questions include price range per U, included bandwidth, and electricity costs. If there is anything else you would like to add, feel free to do so.
  20. T

    Cybersmart email accounts down and domain register error!

    When emailing and I get an automated reply that says the mail was not received and that it is an error on their side. I also cannot register a new domain as it runs into "500 Internal Error"