Big growth for Telkom Mobile

Jamie McKane

MyBroadband Journalist
Mar 2, 2016
Big growth for Telkom Mobile

Telkom has cemented its position as the third-largest mobile network in South Africa thanks to significant growth in mobile traffic and subscribers over the last six months.

This is according to the company's interim results for the six months ended 30 September, which showed an overall revenue drop of 0.4% to R22 billion.
Not a fan of Telkom's current contract offerings. Thrown in 36 month contracts between 24 month ones and their prices are so much more than it used to be.

I'm due for an upgrade as of November but because of their crappy offerings I've just continued with my current contract without a handset.

Their new FreeMe packages are also watered down from their packages from 2 years ago.
Their phone options are quite limited in my books. You buy iPhone, Samsung or Huawei. No other options really

Flagship P20 Pro I bought 2 years ago costs me R610 (including R40 for 100min bolt on for FreeMe 1GB) Flagship now is almost a grand for a similar "deal" or R600 for 36 months.