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  1. RoLeLu

    Telkom unrestricted APN slower than restricted APN

    I was testing Telkom Mobile's APN pings using a vpn application called Radmin VPN, I tested both unrestricted APN as well as the restricted APN. I pinged the same person in the application using both APN's and discovered that the unrestricted APN has significantly higher latency (±70) than the...
  2. RoLeLu

    Poor reception on Telkom mobile

    Hello everyone, I've bought a Telkom prepaid sim about a year ago and ever since I've had it I've been experiencing poor reception/signal and as a result, unstable internet. I had planned to use this sim for casual mobile gaming but that is not viable due to said poor reception. I would be...
  3. Jan

    Telkom increases mobile capex, records modest mobile growth

    Telkom doubles down on Mobile Telkom increased its investment in its mobile network by 35% between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023, the company's annual results have revealed. Over the same period, the company showed modest growth in mobile service revenue, which increased by 1.8% over the...
  4. Jan

    Telkom reports revenue decline and big EBITDA hit

    Telkom takes a beating Telkom has published interim results for the first half of its 2023 financial year (H1 FY2023), revealing a decline in operating revenue as its mobile and fixed service divisions struggled to perform. Telkom Group CEO Serame Taukobong said the period from April 2022 to...
  5. S

    Number active on two networks.

    I've been on Telkom Mobile a few years, and recently decided to port to MTN because my Telkom service goes down with load shedding. Through trial an error, I've found MTN to be best suited for me. On 23/09 I went to an MTN store to RICA a new sim card and was assisted with the porting process...
  6. B

    What is going on with Telkom roaming.

    I have noticed 3 different Telkom networks being used. 655-02 which is Telkom home network 655-03 which shows up as Telkom SA 655-05 which shows up as Telkom SA - R with the little roaming triangle. I am curious as to what the purpose of 655-03 is. It performs pathetically and I need to force...
  7. Hanno Labuschagne

    Telkom mobile Internet down

    Telkom mobile Internet down Numerous Telkom users have reported they could not access the Internet using the operator's mobile network on Tuesday morning. Several MyBroadband forum members complained of issues on Telkom mobile from about 08:22. One stated they used seven Telkom SIMs on Axxess...
  8. J

    Telkom Billing Nightmare - Help?

    Hi Guys I have exhausted all of my options to try and resolve my billing issue with Telkom mobile and don’t know what else to do so figured I would try get help here My contracts term ended in September 2021 at which time I requested Telkom to cancel the contract. They then told me they will...
  9. B

    Telkom- MTN Roaming

    I am curious as to whether anyone has successfully connected to the MTN roaming network. I can see two telkom roaming networks now but my sim is only provisioned for the one.
  10. CapoPlays

    Telkom driving me insane (Billing Issue)

    What can i say, 10 years + with 8ta/telkom down the drain. So here's my rant Ive always read about how people being treated and incur billing issues like debit orders being taken before debit date and i never had issues and praised telkom until 25th December when telkom decided its my turn to...
  11. N

    What are the specs of the S21 FE Telkom is offering with router???

    Greetings All I need some info from others who have the official info or have taken up the contract because I have been waiting for telkom for a few days in vain What are the specs of the S21 FE Telkom is offering with tablet...
  12. Jan

    Telkom group revenue flat, thanks to Mobile carrying

    Mobile business carries Telkom Telkom has released its interim financial results for the six months from 1 April to 30 September 2021, reporting flat group revenue of R21.3 billion. The company's mobile and masts and towers businesses helped drive revenue, ensuring that it remained stable...
  13. Jan

    Mobile data growth - Telkom quarterly trading update at 30 June 2021

    Big Telkom Mobile data growth Telkom has issued its quarterly trading update for the April-June 2021 period, showing substantial growth in mobile customers and mobile data revenue. “Telkom published a solid set of results for the first quarter of the year in a challenging trading and economic...
  14. N


    Paying for internet o contract that's unlimited but yet my internet is so slow it hardly works and I am in coverage the funniest thing is with my prepaid simcard I buy a lot of LTE GB the cost of it is+- R1000 for 220 GB all day + 220 GB night time but it seems to me there night time starts at...
  15. J

    Telkom Mobile sees significant growth

    Telkom Mobile sees significant growth Telkom has continued to record significant growth in its consumer mobile division, according to market update for the nine months ended 31 December 2020. The update shows that year-to-date group revenue increased by 0.9% year-on-year despite a 26.2%...
  16. J

    Big growth for Telkom Mobile

    Big growth for Telkom Mobile Telkom has cemented its position as the third-largest mobile network in South Africa thanks to significant growth in mobile traffic and subscribers over the last six months. This is according to the company's interim results for the six months ended 30 September...
  17. E

    Telkom Mobile and Samsung S20

    Hi there, We have 2 cellphone S8 and S20 on Telkom contract. Working in Gauteng everything is fine. Driving to remote places can not make any voice calls, "Not registered on the network". Third phone IPhone on Telkom contract can make calls as normal. Spoke to Telkom help line three times...
  18. Joseph matane

    Telkom Night Surfer Data

    Mo'Nice updated deals
  19. Nimz

    Alternatives to Telkom Free Me contracts?

    Our business currently makes use of the Telkom Free Me 1GB contracts (R99 p/m) which offers: 1GB data 50 SMS *Unlimited calls to each other and other Telkom numbers Free social media (Whats App, Facebook etc) We give our staff a R100 spend limit for other network calls Now our business makes...
  20. L

    Vodacom numbers cant get thru to me (telkom)

    Hi there. Could anyone please assist me. I am having issues with various people that cant get through to me from their vodacom numbers. Its says the number u have failed does not exist but when calling from another network it comes through. I have spoken to the call centre and visited Cape...