Telkom driving me insane (Billing Issue)


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Jul 26, 2019
What can i say, 10 years + with 8ta/telkom down the drain. So here's my rant

Ive always read about how people being treated and incur billing issues like debit orders being taken before debit date and i never had issues and praised telkom until 25th December when telkom decided its my turn to feel the pain

So in short, in December i made a manual payment thinking since i got paid early lets sort telkom out, Biggest mistake ever, telkom received my manual payment and 01/01/2022 they debited my account again after many hours of calls to incompetent lazy rude staff i finally manage to get my money refunded 10 days later.

Today telkom felt that i haven't felt their pain properly so they decided to debit my account again before my debit date which is 1st of the month, i Called their call centre and the Rep confirmed that because of the last case, telkom forgot to remove the arreas status which caused their system to debit my account for the same amount pushing me back to square 1

I phoned my bank capitec to reverse the amount and they cant help because its a debicheck order and only telkom apparenrly can reverse it, capitec also said they cant stop debit orders for telkom either, this has to be done via telkom

I spoke to telkom again to stop debit orders as I'd now prefer to pay manually and they unable to do so

Ive never missed a payment, they always get their money on time and this is how ive been treated, ive been hunged up, lied to and placed on hold till the call ends by their customer service contact centre

Ive checked icasa web page to lodge a complain but their webpage is broken pdf form is just blank

Anyone else have an idea what steps i can take with telkom? Would be appreciated, ive tried getting a manager /senior but seems like staff refusing me to speak to one and im still waiitng for 2 escalation callbacks from december

I also wonder, whether telkom breached our agreement since they debiting my account before the agreed date? Maybe i can get out the contract without penalty/cancellation fee?

The level of Customer Service is utterly disgusting, its like they dont have a QA team or Operations Manger running things, their agents do as they please, imagine refusing a escalation lol

* this is my story and a eye opener for those considering taking a telkom service*

*please be polite and ignore any grammar mistakes lol