1. Jamie McKane

    How to cancel your Telkom account

    What to do if you still can't cancel your Telkom account From the second half of 2018, many Telkom customers began to encounter problems when attempting to cancel their accounts. Following a barrage of complaints and issues filed with the company's support teams, Telkom acknowledged that it...
  2. F

    Cancelled my phone line fine ... but not my ADSL

    First of all a little background, When I go to, I can see that my account has been cancelled... If I go to ("Home & Business Accounts" > "Manage My Accounts"), I have nothing listed at...
  3. Jamie McKane

    Telkom stops blacklisting customers who cancelled their accounts

    Telkom stops blacklisting customers who cancelled their accounts Like many service providers which rely on monthly revenue from customers in return for providing a service, Telkom has measures in place to deal with non-payment. One of these steps is to blacklist a customer with the credit...
  4. Jamie McKane

    Telkom's price is "vaguely crazy"

    Telkom's price is "vaguely crazy" Telkom was recently downgraded by the big stockbroking firms because of its high share price and the struggle it faces with its legacy business. This is the view of Nick Crail, senior fund manager at Ashburton Investments, who explained that Telkom is “pricey”.
  5. A

    Telkom's Incompetence

    On Friday the 29th of March, one of Openserve's technicians came out to install our fixed Telkom land-line, the gentlemen was very helpful and explained where my line would be connected, how far away in cable length it would be from the exchange, he even provided some information on the fastest...
  6. D

    Telkom Worst online sales services.

    To All be aware So I thought I’m going to change my existing pay as you go no to a contract no by ordering the new Huawei mate pro 20 with gt classic watch. On your online shop as this will be fast and convenient. This was on the 4th of March. I was so sorry I ever thought of doing that cause...
  7. A

    Internet Service Provider - George, Dormehls Drift

    Have family members moving to George, Dormehls Drift. Any advice on good ISP's (ADSL, Wireless or Fibre) in the Area? Does not seem if there is fibre in the area yet from what I can tell, but I might be totally mislooking. They are on Telkom currently and would like to stay with them, the...
  8. R

    Telkom nightmare vs Vumatel... NIGHT AND DAY difference

    I've been trying to transfer ownership of a Telkom line (including broadband) into my name. Should be simple right? Well, it's taken 2 months already, and it's still not completed. I've been waiting to upgrade my line but can't because the line still isn't fully in my name. It's now in this...
  9. B

    "Telkom-SA R" Vs "MTN-SA"

    Hello Citizens of MBB i am curious as to what the difference is between these two messages displayed next to the signal bar on my iPhone.I am curious as to what the difference is between the two. Could it be Vodacom roaming in place? and which sign do you see on your phones.
  10. B

    Telkom March Deal - Wrong router/package

    Hi Just wanted to know if anyone else ordered the March deal and received the wrong router/package. I received a Huawei B525 on a "SmartBroadband Wireless 10GB Deal". I think it's R249/month.
  11. G

    Fibre installations into estates

    We are a small estate in the Western Cape and we own all infrastructure within the estate. Telkom has installed their lines in our communications infrastructure first as we needed access to landlines and ADSL. Now that Octotel and Frogfoot fibre has finally arrived, they are not willing to...
  12. Jamie McKane

    Telkom close to overtaking Vodacom in Cape Town

    Telkom close to overtaking Vodacom in Cape Town If it weren’t for Telkom’s relatively poor average upload speeds in Cape Town, it would have overtaken Vodacom and relegated it to the third-best mobile network in the city. Recent drive tests conducted by MyBroadband across Cape Town showed that...
  13. C

    Unable to cancel order for big data deal

    So I placed an order for the big data deal on the 1st March. So whilst the agent was talking me through the terms and conditions, they mentioned 7 days to cancel. I later changed my mind and wanted to cancel but has since been unable to do so. I contact sales on 10213 and they tell me to contact...
  14. ECHLN

    Telkom's Horrible Update record for the Note8

    So I've owned the Note8 for a little over a year now and I'm in love with it. I've always been a Note guys since the Note 2. I've always had them on MTN so I've never had any serious complaints about updates since owning the Note 2, 4, 5, and S7 edge. It all changed when I got my Note8 on...
  15. T

    Help with Telkom Line relocation

    Hi I have recently relocated, i notified telkom of my relocation and scheduled a technician to come out on 1st March to my new premises to setup my line. Its been 4 days now and i still havent seen or heard from the technician. I called telkom and they of no help whatsoever. All they saying is...
  16. H

    Huawei B618 Router LTE Port forward

    Hi can someone please tell me if this is possible. I have a Wireless LTE package with Telkom using the Huawei B618 router. I would love to open my ports so that i can join my friends on COD Black ops 4. Is this possible with an LTE connection? And if so how should i do this
  17. C

    Fibre in Overport Area

    Anyone has information when we might get fibre in Overport/ Asherville area? I'm on the west side of Brickfield road towards Asherville. In the last month or so, the ADSL connection has been really pathetic (10 mbps, getting closer to 2 mbps). Telkom says there are a lot of cable faults in the...
  18. Jamie McKane

    Vodacom and Telkom welcome withdrawal of ECA Amendment Bill

    Vodacom and Telkom welcome withdrawal of ECA Amendment Bill Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has announced the withdrawal of the Electronic Communications Amendment Bill. The bill dealt with the allocation of spectrum for mobile networks and the establishment of the WOAN...
  19. N

    New Telkom line even if I already have one

    Hi, I'm new here and this is probably the only way I'll get a direct answer. I called Telkom, their "new sales" department told me they can't check if there's already a line installed at the house I moved to so I need to pay for the installation of a new one? Can someone explain to me why I...
  20. L

    Qualifying For A Contract Phone - Vodacom, Telkom, MTN

    Hello everyone. So long story short I want to sign up for a contract with preferably Vodacom, but any other network provider will do really. What I'm most worried about is qualifying for the contract phone I specifically want which is the Galaxy Note 9. It costs R800pm on Vodacom & Telkom and...