1. Jamie McKane

    Telkom's network performance before and after additional spectrum

    Telkom's network performance before and after additional spectrum The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown have put strain on telcos due to increased data demand from subscribers. With many people working from home and relying on the Internet for their entertainment, Internet providers...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Telkom overtakes Cell C

    Telkom overtakes Cell C Telkom has provided an update to its shareholders on how its business units were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, stating that it is now the third-biggest mobile operator in terms of subscribers and revenue. According to the operator, its BCX and Small Medium Business...
  3. G

    Decommissioning copper costs some consumers...

    You can rant about Telkom and copper as much as you like, but right now copper being switched off is going to cost some consumers financially. The scenario is an over 70 living in a block of flats. Telkom is switching off copper so they're forced onto fibre but the block is not allowing...
  4. AEShadowHunter

    Telkom Fibre Package Differences

    I currently have a 20 mbps fibre line at Telkom, since it's the only ISP offering Fibre in my area, but with everyone working from home the speed hasn't been sufficient anymore. I'm looking to upgrade but I'm unsure which package to choose. There are Uncapped and Premium options. For about a...
  5. Jamie McKane

    Telkom share issuance proposal refused

    Telkom share issuance proposal refused The Telkom board's proposal to provide directors with general authority to issue shares for cash has been refused by investors who voted on the resolution at the company's annual general meeting on 10 September 2020. "All resolutions, except for Special...
  6. A

    Trouble Cancelling Telkom line

    I've cancelled my Telkom line over 4 years ago with a lot of struggle and was finally successful. However I suddenly got an invoice now from Telkom. Could anyone provide me with a contact for Telkom support so I can just cut ties with them for once and for all?
  7. C

    Will Afrihost offer telkoms 1TB Data for R999 P/M?

    I have noticed that Telkom is offering R999 per month for 1TB the funny part is I am on Afrihost I am paying R999 for 220GB day and 220GB 12am-7 am. I am not saying anything bad about Afrihost I have been using them for a while and their support is better to me and Telkom have the same price for...
  8. M

    Telkom takes 100GB with SIM card removed

    I have been experiencing an odd issue (a scam to be frank) with my Telkom mobile data since around March this year. At the beginning of each month, on the 1st, Telkom takes over 100GB of my data. Today (1st of Sept), with my router unplugged and SIM removed, Telkom says I have already used...
  9. T

    Openserve nothing bigger 200mbps ?

    While I am fairly content with my 200/100 line on openserve, It just bugs me tremendously that I have friends on Vumatel who pay more or less the same as me and are on a 1Gbps line! What is the deal with openserve, its 2020 and 1Gbps should offered to clients who need the extra speed. Is it...
  10. D

    Telkom DSL Lite throttling 6pm to 11pm

    I read on the Telkom site that for the DSL lite there is throttling from 18:00 to 23:00 Got this from the product page. "Uncapped Internet with NO FUP threshold (throttling will be applied during 18:00 and 23:00 - peak times) Refer to AUP T’s and C’s." Anyone with the DSL lite experienced this?
  11. Jamie McKane

    Why the government's attempt to compare Telkom to SAA is flawed

    Why the government's attempt to compare Telkom to SAA is flawed The government recently announced that it wants to replicate Telkom’s public-private partnership to save the insolvent South African Airways (SAA). The Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) said it has started negotiations with...
  12. Savy561

    Locating telkom lte tower?

    So my father who lives on the other side of the country has telkom lte and he does not enjoy tinkering with anything that he doesn't need to. Now the current location of his router is not cutting it and I cannot for the life of me get him to move the router and do a few tests or even log into...
  13. T

    Telkom / Openserve / Night Surfer Missing

    Has anyone else noticed that the Night Surfer traffic on the Telkom customer portal has disappeared? I'm on a Telkom uncapped fibre service, but due to FUP I make sure to schedule major downloads during the Night Surfer window - but since the 3rd of August, the traffic graphs don't show any...
  14. T

    ISP and SMTP Server

    This was the first time I have come across a situation where a customer has a Telkom email account and is using a different ISP. The SMPT server kept failing when trying to log into the mail server using Outlook. It seems that in this situation your SMPT server needs to be set to...
  15. Jamie McKane

    Telkom now offers funeral cover - Details and pricing

    Telkom now offers funeral cover - Details and pricing Telkom has announced that it will enter the financial services sector by launching a life insurance business. Telkom Financial Services, which will initially only sell funeral insurance, seeks to address the needs of over 11 million South...
  16. S

    What's the point of midnight data if you're gonna throttle it?

    Yeah Telkom, you make us wait until 12:00 to use cheap data. And then? It's not even very fast. I'm getting a max of 250kbps here. So glad my fibre is coming soon. #fail
  17. GreatWmR

    How to get coverage for Naked/Pure DSL

    The company i work for has decided to change ISPs from Webonline to Afrihost But trying to sign up via afrhost just tells me that we are not covered for Pure DSL and the coverage map on Telkom says ADSL coming soon Afrihost support tells me to contact Telkom to find out about coverage Telkom...
  18. O

    Telkom regularly refreshing sim data

    Hi Does anyone else also get the "refreshing sim data" notification where the sim disconnects from the network while refreshing, especially when your browsing or doing something else?
  19. Jamie McKane

    Telkom COVID-19 statistics - 57 positive cases and 2 deaths

    Telkom COVID-19 statistics - 57 positive cases and 2 deaths Telkom has recorded 57 positive coronavirus cases as of 20 June 2020, with 19 recoveries and two deaths. Telkom said in its annual results presentation that it is putting people first and the company is, therefore, remaining on...
  20. Jamie McKane

    Telkom fixed-line shocker - Biggest subscriber drop ever

    Telkom fixed-line shocker - Biggest subscriber drop ever Telkom has released its financial results for the year ended 31 March 2020, which showed a rapid decline in fixed-line subscribers over the past year. Telkom’s fixed-line subscribers declined from 2,267,000 in March 2019 to 1,602,000 in...