1. G

    Possible to Cancel Telkom Voiceline only? (Solved: Still not possible)

    Hi there, is it at all possible to cancel the Telkom voice line only and keep the ADSL line? I know this was not possible before but has it changed? As if I was a new customer on Telkom website, one can choose ADSL packages and it give the option to add a voice line? Still on 2mb ADSL and I...
  2. S

    Connect to Telkom Mobile using built-in modem on Windows 10?

    Hi I have a laptop with a built-in HSPA modem and SIM card slot. It is running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (v. 1803). When the SIM card is inserted, Windows is able to detect the Telkom Mobile network in the network menu that opens from the system tray. It shows "TelkomSA (HSDPA)" and...
  3. J

    Telkom=no service

    Telkom = no service I actually wish there was a selection where you could rate with minuses. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made is deciding to migrating from Afrihost to Telkom as my ISP. Main reason was Telkom had a better offer. After phoning and confirming there were infrastructure for a...
  4. M

    Who and how to get Telkom/Openserve to bring Fibre in your Estate.

    Hi Guys, Is there someone who was involved in getting Telkom/Openserve to bring Fibre in their Estate/Complex and can you advise how you did it, Who you contacted and what is expected from you. Would really appreciate your feedback.
  5. J

    Telkom FreeMe prepaid question.

    Does Telkom still offer free LIT data on their FreeMe bundles? Like buying the 5gb data prepaid bundle comes with 25GB video streaming data(Not to be confused with the separate LIT video that gives you 50GB of video data).
  6. fundutzi

    Telkom website not working

    Dear All, Does not work. Tested multiple locations in za including Telkom IP and abroad. GC, FF, IE.
  7. Jamie McKane

    Telkom wasted R200 million on Bain - Report

    Telkom wasted R200 million on Bain - Report The Mail & Guardian reported that Telkom has sunk hundreds of millions of rands into Bain & Company without receiving good value for money. According to the report, Telkom subsidiary BCX paid Bain & Company around R200 million for cost-cutting and...
  8. I

    Why i hate Telkom

    WOW !!!! I've had the most bullshit service ever!! After making four seperate requests, each one with its own reference to cancel my Telkom account, i am now sitting in a situation , 8 months later after spending so much money and time calling, going in store , emailing, on the portal, in the...
  9. Jamie McKane

    Telkom FreeMe data bundles now last 61 days

    Telkom FreeMe data bundles now last 61 days Towards the end of November, Telkom increased the expiry windows of its data bundles. This coincided with the announcement that Telkom had enabled transferring data from any of its plans to other subscribers. Smaller data bundles have a six-month...
  10. Jamie McKane

    Telkom appoints new chief information officer

    Telkom appoints new chief information officer Althon Beukes has been appointed as chief information officer for the Telkom Group. According to an email sent to Telkom staff by CEO Sipho Maseko, Beukes will assume the role of group CIO with immediate effect.
  11. riverdusty

    Probable Congested Exchange, Plumstead, Cape Town

    Problem: Telkom Congested Exchange (Most Likely) Exchange: 021 762 Line Speed: 2.5Mbs ISP: Mweb 4Mb Capped nighttime something something Occurance: All the time, more so at night. I have had this problem before (2014?) and I gave up trying to get it sorted. To be honest my internet was actually...
  12. R

    Switching from Telkom (Openserve) to Cool Ideas (Openserve)

    Good Afternoon All, Hoping someone can help me out. I need to switch an Openserve (and Telkom ISP account) to Openserve Cool Ideas. Currently have a 20/20 and would like to also increase the speed to 100/50. I have read a lot of comments regarding Telkom being a nightmare when it comes to...
  13. Pewee

    Best mobile network?

    The best mobile network in Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town, and why? I’m looking at prepaid deals. Thanks.
  14. Z

    Do not support telkom

    Everyone should know that even if you port your pre-paid number to telkom you will be forced to stay with them for 3 months even though you do not have any service. You will not be informed of this fact by anyone except when you need to move your number to a network with service. Do not be...
  15. Jamie McKane

    Telkom could make another bid for Cell C - Report

    Telkom could make another bid for Cell C - Report Telkom SA SOC Ltd. is considering making an offer to buy a majority stake in Cell C Pty Ltd. that would lead to a combination of South Africa’s third- and fourth-largest mobile-phone companies, according to people familiar with the matter. The...
  16. Jamie McKane

    Telkom's new mobile data transfer tool tested

    Telkom's new mobile data transfer tool tested Telkom recently announced that it would implement functionality on its network to facilitate the transfer of mobile data between users. The mobile operator also said it would increase the validity of data bundles up to 500MB in size.
  17. Jamie McKane

    The man who was a “Telkom” customer since 1957 – Here’s why he cancelled

    The man who was a “Telkom” customer since 1957 – Here’s why he cancelled MyBroadband has continued to receive reports from Telkom customers about billing issues and account cancellation problems. One of the reports which stood out was from a long-time Telkom customer who had decided to cancel...
  18. E

    Telkom LIT box stopped playing sound

    I hope this is in the correct thread? Anyway as of this morning my Telkom LIT box refuses to play any sound. I've tried unplugging. And having a toggle of the sound settings. I've just done a factory reset and still - no luck. Any ideas?
  19. Jamie McKane

    Telkom mobile data bundles now last much longer

    Telkom mobile data bundles now last much longer Telkom has announced that its mobile customers across all plans can now transfer data to other users. This makes Telkom the first mobile network in South Africa to enable data transfer in accordance with ICASA's end-user subscriber rules, said...
  20. Jamie McKane

    Telkom Black Friday 2018 - Here are the deals

    Telkom Black Friday 2018 - Here are the deals MyBroadband has received Telkom's Black Friday 2018 deals brochure, which features a range of smartphone deals. Telkom said that the deals will be available from 23-26 November 2018 or while stocks last.