1. B

    Looking for a Telkom tower technician contact

    Hi people I am looking for a Telkom tower technician's number who can help me get access to their towers. I am looking into starting a WISP and who can help me to get to the towers.
  2. V

    Removal of copper lines and replacement with LTE routers, the hell Telkom?!

    So i just got a call from Telkom about them removing the ADSL copper lines in my area and giving us LTE routers in the meantime until they can install fiber but the thing is that in my landline will have to go through that LTE router until they can install fiber, and what about blackouts? These...
  3. L

    Telkom LTE shaping Deezer streaming traffic

    I have been unable to stream music through the Deezer app and website this past week. Switching to a 128Kb/s stream did not help either. Did some testing this morning and it appears that Telkom is crippling the stream, everything else (youtube, netflix, etc) works fine, when I run a speed test...
  4. Jamie McKane

    Telkom is shutting down copper, but there is good news

    Telkom is shutting down copper, but there is good news Telkom is currently shutting down its copper network which has a direct impact on services like ADSL, VDSL, fax, and alarm systems. The company is already migrating ADSL and VDSL subscribers to its fibre and LTE networks, but that still...
  5. Jamie McKane

    Telkom webserver hacked

    Telkom webserver hacked Attackers breached a webserver hosted on the Telkom network and used it to host a phishing site made to look like the login page for Citibank in the US. The server in question hosts 784 domains, according to DNSlytics. The domain hijacked for the phishing site is...
  6. Jamie McKane

    Telkom unveils new mobile data plans

    Telkom unveils new mobile data plans Telkom has launched a selection of new mobile data plans which can be used on both Telkom and Vodacom's network. These offer a better solution for customers in areas without Telkom coverage than the recently-overhauled SmartBroadband Wireless plans, which...
  7. NdumisoSizwe

    LTE-A contract takeover

    Hi I'm looking for somebody to take over my LTE-A contract (Telkom), B618 Huawei. 120GB pm, 60 night, 60 anytime. R 555 pm. I'm based in Randburg, Ferndale
  8. M

    Telkom router issues

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this query. I am somewhat technologically challenged. My elderly mother was called a couple of weeks ago and told telkom were changing to wireless throughout. The gent said someone would be in touch over the next couple of weeks to install the new...
  9. Jamie McKane

    Telkom is catching Cell C

    Telkom is catching Cell C Cell C is the latest South African mobile operator to reflect a decline in its active mobile subscriber base. Both Vodacom and MTN's mobile subscriber counts fell earlier this year, discounting telemetry and enterprise subscribers.
  10. Jamie McKane

    Telkom loses court fight to build cellphone tower

    Telkom loses court fight to build cellphone tower Telkom has lost its latest fight against the City of Cape Town over the erection of cellphone masts in the city. The Supreme Court of Appeal this week dismissed an appeal by Telkom against a previous judgement by the Western Cape High Court, in...
  11. F

    Spying on clients or something sinister going on?

    A very important feature for high end security is IP address validation to make sure someone don't hack a live logged in session. 1) User logged in 2) Connection IP address logged and if that IP address changed, the security system will log the user out and display a message "IP address...
  12. C

    Fixed LTE for gaming

    Hi all, I recently moved to Richard's bay and unfortunately cannot get fibre or adsl. I game a lot particularly COD and the like, and as we all know mobile network and NAT do not go well together. From my research it seems having an unrestricted APN is the only possibility of getting NAT...
  13. G

    Telkom VoLTE & VoWIFI

    Hi all, Has anyone been able to get VoLTE and/or VoWiFi enabled on their account yet? Been to Bayside Mall, and got told that VoWiFi is when you call over WhatsApp or Viber :rolleyes: (someone didn't read the memo I think) and I was also told that VoLTE is only available if you have an LTE...
  14. F

    Your IP address has changed. Please log in again

    Anyone else that experience the same when using TELKOM mobile when trying to login to ANY cPanel account? No matter what, laptop virus free and immediately login with Cellc, MTN or Vodacom but always the same problem with Telkom the past few days.
  15. Jamie McKane

    Telkom fibre nightmare

    Telkom fibre nightmare A MyBroadband reader recently contacted us regarding their Telkom fibre package, which has caused them severe stress over the past year. The reader encountered a number of issues as they tried to upgrade the speed of their fibre line, and again when they tried to cancel it.
  16. Jamie McKane

    MTN's fixed-LTE packages crush Telkom

    MTN's fixed-LTE packages crush Telkom Supersonic recently launched its new fixed-LTE products in South Africa, which are available on a month-to-month basis or on a 24-month contract. The MTN-owned ISP aims to compete with Telkom by offering consumers month-to-month fixed-LTE products at...
  17. H

    Vodacom Signal Booster

    Vodacom installed a Signal Booster for us, but I now use Telkom. How can I see if the booster is/can boost my Telkom Signal?
  18. Jamie McKane

    Telkom spending millions on consultants

    Telkom spending millions on consultants Over the last few years, Telkom has come under pressure for spending millions on consultants, with some industry insiders questioning the value of their contribution. In one of the latest examples, Telkom subsidiary BCX paid Bain & Company around R200...
  19. U

    Now that I can't get ADSL I no longer have good internet options, what do I do?

    Hi there all, I live in Linbro Park, the internet availability here... Is questionable to say the least, We had adsl here until the lines were stolen so much they decided to stop installing new ones, now our only option is LTE which is too expensive, and just not stable enough for us. The speeds...
  20. carstensdj

    Struggling with speeds on Telkom LTE

    Hey Forumites, Firstly, if this has been covered somewhere, please feel free to point me in the right direction. There's just too many posts to read through in a work day to sift and find the answers I'm looking for. My parents moved into a new place and were struggling to get Fibre in their...