1. Jan

    South Africa's biggest telcos by market cap (or valuation)

    Biggest telecoms companies in South Africa — Vodacom vs MTN and Telkom vs CIVH MTN is the most valuable telecommunications company in South Africa, with a market capitalisation of R228.15 billion, beating its main rival Vodacom which has a market cap of R224.62 billion. A company's market...
  2. S

    Number active on two networks.

    I've been on Telkom Mobile a few years, and recently decided to port to MTN because my Telkom service goes down with load shedding. Through trial an error, I've found MTN to be best suited for me. On 23/09 I went to an MTN store to RICA a new sim card and was assisted with the porting process...
  3. Jan

    Leslie Maasdorp joins Binance's Global Advisory Board

    Former Telkom director joins world's largest cryptocurrency exchange's Global Advisory Board Binance has created a Global Advisory Board to which it appointed eleven financial sector experts, including South African investment banker Leslie Maasdorp. Members of the board include veterans and...
  4. Jan

    Why regular phone numbers start with "0" in South Africa

    Why you must dial 0 before most phone numbers in South Africa South Africa uses a closed numbering system that makes it compulsory for all landline and mobile numbers to have a "0" as a prefix when dialled from within the country. A MyBroadband reader recently asked why it was necessary to...
  5. Jan

    Mobile data speeds get crushed by load-shedding

    Load-shedding is crushing mobile Internet in South Africa Load-shedding directly impacts mobile network infrastructure, and, as a result, mobile Internet speeds tend to suffer. A MyBroadband analysis showed that Vodacom and Telkom customers saw the most significant drops in network performance...
  6. Jan

    Analyst warns MTN's acquisition of Telkom could cause higher data prices

    MTN's Telkom buyout could be bad news for data prices — Analyst Consumers should not expect price cuts on mobile data or voice calls should MTN's proposed acquisition of Telkom go ahead. That is according to World Wide Worx's Arthur Goldstruck, who spoke to Sunday newspaper Rapport.
  7. Jan

    Mobile operators at odds over 2G and 3G shutdown

    Battle brewing over 2G and 3G shutdown in South Africa At least two of South Africa's major mobile networks are at odds over the country's draft next-generation radio frequency spectrum policy. First published for public comment on Thursday, 8 September 2022, the policy outlines the...
  8. Jan

    ARC says will Rain will be fixed and mobile "player of note" in South Africa

    Rain will be "player of note" in fixed and mobile broadband Rain intends to be a "player of note" in South Africa's fixed and mobile broadband market, according to African Rainbow Capital (ARC) co-CEO Johan van Zyl. During ARC's annual financial results for the year ended 30 June 2022, Van Zyl...
  9. Jan

    10GB free data for every household - MTN and Cell C raise questions

    Big questions about 10GB free data for every household in South Africa The South African government has plans to provide households with a free basic data allocation. MTN says it is ready to lend a hand, while Cell C is concerned over the enormous costs that could be involved. MTN South Africa...
  10. Jan

    Vodacom vs MTN - Capital intensity and network investment comparison

    Vodacom and MTN's multi-billion rand network battle Vodacom and MTN have invested R50 billion each in their mobile networks over the last five years, but their capital intensity reveals very different investment strategies. Capital expenditure (Capex), also known as network investments, is a...
  11. Jan

    MTN roundly beats Vodacom, Telkom, Cell C, Rain in customer satisfaction - Analytico YTD 2022

    MTN crushes Vodacom and Telkom in customer satisfaction New research by Analytico revealed that MTN's customer satisfaction rating among mobile data users is much higher than Vodacom and Telkom. Analytico is a research company that provides reports, network intelligence, and marketing insights...
  12. Jan

    Vumatel beats Telkom despite years of monopoly advantage

    South Africa's fibre war goes nuclear Vumatel broke Telkom's fixed-line broadband monopoly in South Africa and established itself as the leader in the fibre-to-the-home market. Telkom must now play catch-up in an area it dominated for over a decade and enjoyed a tremendous advantage.
  13. Hanno Labuschagne

    Telkom bidding war could make share price surge

    Telkom bidding war could make share price surge Last Monday, Telkom announced that it remains in discussions related to MTN buying Telkom through a combination of cash and shares in MTN. Industry speculation suggests that MTN is mainly after Telkom’s fibre assets as a combination of their...
  14. Jan

    eSIM support on South African networks - Vodacom vs MTN vs Telkom vs Cell C

    eSIM support in South Africa — A sad affair of limited options Despite the technology growing increasingly popular abroad, embedded SIMs (eSIMs) are still very limited in South Africa. More mid-range smartphones are getting eSIMs, after initially only being offered in flagship models from...
  15. Jan

    Former Vodashop owner says there is no future for physical store franchises

    Former Vodashop owner says online platforms are killing stores Vodacom and Telkom have seen growth in both their online and in-store sales. However, former Vodashop owner Bennie Roux believes there is no future for brick-and-mortar cellphone shops. While both operators found online sales had...
  16. Jan

    All South Africa's biggest telcos stepped in this billion-rand trap

    South Africa's biggest network operators all made this billion-rand mistake South Africa’s largest telecommunications operators — Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom — have all launched unsuccessful video streaming services that cost them large amounts of money. What makes these investments...
  17. Jan

    Telecoms CEOs that achieved the best shareholder returns in South Africa

    South Africa's best telecoms CEOs for shareholder returns An analysis by Daily Investor revealed that Sizwe Nxasana, Ralph Mupita, and Phuthuma Nhleko are the telecommunications CEOs who provided the best shareholder returns. For this analysis, Daily Investor looked at the shareholder returns...
  18. Jan

    Telkom and MTN issue further cautionary announcement to shareholders

    Everyone wants a piece of Telkom MTN and Telkom have issued cautionary announcements on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange news service confirming that discussions between the two companies are still underway. This comes after Telkom received several unsolicited offers in recent weeks, including...
  19. twizted_sc

    Telkom Fibre Speed query

    Hi all, Perhaps somebody else here is in the same situation as me or can confirm that it is in fact a problem. I have been on the Openserve & Telkom ISP 200/100 fibre option for a while already. Started out as 20/10 and it all came about as upgrades of my speed over time since 2020. On Monday...
  20. Jan

    Icasa published information memorandum to release more spectrum

    Icasa gears up to release more spectrum for South Africa's mobile networks The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has published an information memorandum regarding licensing additional radio frequency spectrum for mobile networks. Icasa said it intends to release...