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  1. R

    Axxess "resync" problem

    How many people is experiencing this "RESYNC" problem with axxess or any other provider? I have about 8 Accounts as a reseller of axxess service that is giving me a problem and every time axxess come back to me with they need to resync the account. Every Time they resync the account and then...
  2. Z

    STATIC IP for Telkom Mobile

    Hello I got the Huawei LTE-A E5186 router from Telkom. I need to have a dynDNS setup, to run an application for our business via VPN. But as far as I can tell (and see in settings) the router does not support DNS. So second question... Does Telkom Mobile support STATIC IPs? Ive tried...
  3. M

    Telkom Mobile and Hauwei B593 DNS settings for Hulu and Netflix

    Telkom Mobile and Hauwei B593 DNS settings for Hulu and Netflix Updated - with sports I thought I would post this as I struggled so much to get my Netflix and Hulu to work with Telkom mobile and because the Hauwei B593 sold with the Telkom mobile contract does not allow you to enter DNS...
  4. T

    Telkom Mobile vs Vodacom

    My upgrade is due for April 2016 I compared prices from Vodacom and Telkom and concluded that Telkom's SmartPlan 100 is much cheaper than Vodacom's Smart Small Eg. : Sim Only - Vodacom - 200MB data, 75 minutes, 200 SMS = R209pm Telkom - 1GB data (only with device) , 100 minutes, 5...
  5. J

    Telkom Mobile - a lesson in patience, or S&M

    Hi guys I was looking around for a handset deal that was affordable and came with a controllable contract. After fishing around, and reading some responses on here I decided to go with Telkom Mobile. That was a month or so ago. BIG. EFFING. MISTAKE. I have never EVER...
  6. J

    SP of choice

    Hi Guys Basically, which SP's do you prefer, especially on contract (open ended or top up) and your experience with these SP's, why you like or dislike them? I am with MTN, I'm looking towards either Vodacom, Cell C or Telkom. Though I think Cell C just dropped out of the race, and...
  7. J

    Telkom Online Contract Application-The Cellphone Thread

    Dear Telkom So I did an online application for a new cellphone contract about 3 weeks ago, and only received a call from your call centre (which I might add is NOT very fluent in English or easy to communicate with) last Monday, after a 45 minute phone call of literally spelling (B for benny...
  8. E

    Sharing the data bundles on my cellphones

    Hey guys i just want to know if it's possible that I can share my bundles on my different sim cards from the same service provider. I have a Smart10GB contract with Telkom mobile for my PC and I also have a prepaid sim that I use on my cellphone. Now the problem is that I have to buy the bundles...
  9. cobusv

    Who to choose!?!

    Hi Guys, i'm on a fact finding mission and who else to ask than the community... To make a long story short, basically i was on MTN for roughly 5 years till i moved and to my horrid surprise they had no coverage at my house, ended up letting me out of my contract and told me to move to...
  10. Park@82

    Telkom Mobile billing mess - beware

    So I upgraded 2 x Smartplan 100 contracts that included 5GB free data pm to Smartplan 100 packages that only included 1GB of free data pm. I received an invoice indicating that they kept the 5GB data bundle on both contracts and billed me for it R1200+. I phoned them on 3 September and was...
  11. D

    Contract Queries

    Good day all! I am planning to take out a contract with Telkom Mobile, so I've got the requirements here. Last 3 Months bank statements. Latest payslip. Must be permanent staff. Working at company for longer than 6 months. Earn more than R4000 a month. I'm fine on all of that...
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Telkom Mobile timed data bundles launched

    New Telkom Mobile timed data bundles launched Telkom Mobile has unveiled new timed data bundles, with sizes ranging between 75MB and 1GB.
  13. F

    TM Out of data error fix when you KNOW you have data

    This happens with TM if you're using a Telkom Mobile only data bundle and your device cannot get a TM signal, so it automatically roams on MTN. You do not have an active "All Networks" bundle, so TM shows you the airtime/spend limit reached screen. (Yes I know TM recently did away with TM...
  14. C

    Telkom mobile data roaming question

    Hi, I am investigating porting to telkom mobile. One question I have is about how their roaming works (local roaming, not international) Voice roaming is not a problem as I understand data roaming depends on whether or not you have All Network data, or plain telkom data. The deal I am...
  15. B

    How long does a Telkom Mobile online application take to get approved?

    I've applied for a iPhone contract package via Telkom Mobile's website and is waiting to hear if I qualify or not. How long does this process usually take, does anybody know?
  16. G

    Seriously fustrated with Telkom Mobile

    Been without my Samsung going in 3 months :mad: Yet you have no issues billing me on time every month and I loose 5g data 100 minutes and sms bundle usage because of incompetence rendered to me your client.... Phone handed in for screen warrantee repair then after no feedback from anyone at...
  17. C

    Telkom Mobile debited my account for a contract I didn't take out

    Hi all, This past month Telkom mobile debited my account with 5k for a contract cancellation that was never mine :(:cry: We called the call centre and they gave us a reference number for an investigation. But obviously I am pretty impatient about getting my 5k back ASAP! Any advice on how...
  18. R

    Receiving of international SMS from most countries NOT possible at all

    Hi there, I thought it's time to register here :) There are quite a few threads already about this issue. I ported my number from MTN to Telkom mobile but this issue is NOT related to this fact as it had been mentioned in most of the other threads as well as here: Telkom Mobile SMS delivery...
  19. Ivan Leon

    Intermittent 3G signal in the Edenvale / Germiston area

    Since yesterday morning (Thurs, 12 Feb 2015), the Telkom Mobile signal in the Edenvale / Germiston area, which is usually very stable with hardly any disconnects, has been so flaky and unreliable, that it is almost impossible to maintain any internet connection for more than about 30-180 secs...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    Unlimited data SIM for R170 – Telkom stops the deal

    Unlimited data SIM for R170 – Telkom steps in Data Sim was preparing to launch a new “Telkom Mobile” unlimited data SIM for R169.99, but Telkom asked it to retract the service from the market