telkom mobile

  1. B

    New sim only contract

    Good day I am coming to the end of my current Vodacom contract, and I dont want to stay with them as their packages are too expensive. I'm only looking for a sim deal. I use approx 150-200 minutes per month and have a second sim with 1GB Telkom data, so therefore dont really require data...
  2. Lifeofagambler

    Telkom Data Depletion SMS's

    Im a Telkom customer using a Huawei B315 on a 20G+20G package. Recently i've noticed an annoying number of messages from Telkom on the Router that states "Your internet access has been paused because you are using out of Bundle Data." I have 219 of these messages at the moment of writing...
  3. NeonNinja

    Telkom 1GB All net data @ R39.50 (7 days)

    Is this a promo, is it new, who has info?
  4. R

    Telkom mobile is offline way too often

    For the last two days I havent been able to check my balance or load bundles, even Telkom's call centre was offline after holding for 10 minutes. This is happening more often and telkom never sends out a notice or apology to let clients know whats happening. It only seems to be interested in...
  5. D

    SmartBroadband Wireless - Telkom Network Only or Roaming Too?

    Hi Are the SmartBroadband deals Telkom-network-only, or do they also use the 2G/3G roaming network (MTN?) as well? I'm just trying to establish how much coverage these deals can take advantage of (I move around so specifying a single location to check for a coverage check won't work, I need...
  6. NeonNinja

    Telkom Mobile Call Center/Customer Care Non-existent (Aug 2017)

    I waited forever to be connected to "the next available consultant".
  7. A

    9 working days to solve a case

    my mouth hung open when she said it takes telkom mobile 9 working days to resolve a case. But let me start at the beginning. 27 jun 2017 I loyally paid my account 30 jun 2017 telkom debited me for the amount I'd already paid 1 jul 2017 I had the unauthorized debit reversed everyday...
  8. D

    Telkom mobile

    Hi does anyone know how I can resolve an issue with telkom. I have had an existing contract with Telkom that I have cancelled numerous of times. They still billing me for it. Also I have an LTE router contract with them so they are billing me for two devices of which one is already paid off. I...
  9. S

    Signal in Glenhazel, Sydenham and surrounds

    Hi all, So I'm thinking of moving to telkom because of their freeme deals and I wanted to find out how their signal is in my area (Glenhazel), surrounding areas and Johannesburg in general. Thanks in advance
  10. G

    Telkom mobile NAT SABnzbd and Sonar

    I have Telkom mobile 100gb day / 100gb night and have been using SABnzbd and Sonar on my DSL network for some time with No-Ip dns to IP. I have tried to setup the E5186 with NAT (virtual server and special applications) to port forward requests to SABnzbd. But the dns does not work to the...
  11. tsume

    Nexus 5X - Network Issue

    For the past couple of weeks I've been experiencing network issues with my Nexus 5X, I'm not sure if it's because of the last update that went out or if its my mobile provider (Telkom mobile). At random moments I'll be connected via LTE, and then the cross over the LTE appears meaning no...
  12. L

    Telkom FreeMe Social Media Throttling

    Telkom is disappointing me greatly. I'm having an issue with social media throttling on my FreeMe 5GB contract. What's supposed to happen as described by them is that social media data is for Whatsapp, viber and BBM. But the truth is it gets depleted by Instagram and Facebook too... Which makes...
  13. Nod

    VoLTE & VoWIFI working on Telkom?

    As per the title, does anyone know if VoLTE & VoWIFI work on Telkom Mobile? If not, what would be the roll out plan?
  14. R

    Telkom OOB

    Anyone know how to set Telkom SIMs to USE out of bundle forever? It used to be that you could go to a particular URL and it would ask you to confirm; however that seems to have gone and now SIM's only use Out of Bundle for one month Does anyone know how to set-and-forget -- i.e. just let...
  15. S

    Telkom Mobile Upgrade

    Does anyone know if there is a way to check when your telkom mobile contract will expire or when you are due for an upgrade other than going into a telkom store. I have checked Telkom's site and they just say i will get an sms when its time , but i don't trust that =/. thanks
  16. O

    Can government shutdown the Internet?

    I just read about DRC internet being shutdown, and I remember in Brazil Whatsapp was also blocked. How do government do this? Can it happen to us here in South Africa? Just curious.
  17. U

    How do I cancel with telkom and not pay penalties?

    I need advise, since I joined with telkom 3 months ago, it has been a nightmare, they are incorrectly billing me for 2 devices after incorectly loading my initial contract. They are now charging me for a second phone I never recieved. Plus there is a random debit they took in August which I have...
  18. T

    Uber and Telkom Mobile

    Good day (first post :)) I noticed that since Friday I am unable to use Telkom's mobile network to use Uber, my first thought was Uber is down however after rebooting my phone and opening Uber again I received a Red bar "No internet connection". so my first instinct was to look at my...
  19. K

    I this Telkom message legit?

    Hey guys, I got the following message from Telkom on my Telkom Mobile number, is this a legitimate message as the number doesn't appear to be the usual 3 digits with the network code and country code. The number it came from is +27811600384
  20. R

    Axxess "resync" problem

    How many people is experiencing this "RESYNC" problem with axxess or any other provider? I have about 8 Accounts as a reseller of axxess service that is giving me a problem and every time axxess come back to me with they need to resync the account. Every Time they resync the account and then...