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  1. jes

    Broadband in SA compared: Cheapest entry-level products

    Broadband in SA compared: Cheapest entry-level products Research ICT Africa’s (RIA) latest report reveals that mobile broadband products are cheaper than fixed broadband products in South Africa for low monthly usage.
  2. NeonNinja

    More Internet from MTN: "Free Internet"

    30MB: R10. Previously 20MB. 10MB valid for 1 day. 150MB: R29. Previously 100MB. 40MB valid for 3 days. 450MB: R79. Previously 300MB. 150MB valid for 5 days. 750MB: R99. Previously 500MB. 250MB valid for 5 days. 1.5GB: R149. Previously 1GB. 500MB valid for 7 days. 3GB: R245. Previously 2GB. 500MB...
  3. jes

    Top mobile and ISP customer service companies in SA

    Top mobile, ISP customer service companies in SA Latest Ask Afrika Orange Index reveals the companies with the best customer service levels in South Africa
  4. T

    Best Huawei Router???

    Which is the best Huawei Router/Modem to get? 1. Huawei E5331 2. Huawei B683 3. Huawei E5776 Can they all connect to a pc without Wifi? My area only covers 3g and not LTE so a ittle sceptical of changing from Telkom ADSL. Advice would be appreciated.
  5. R

    Telkom Mobile/8ta Data Leakage - HUAWEI E5331

    Hi Guys, I've got a Telkom Mobile account setup at my girlfriends place on a HUAWEI E5331 router. There are serious leakage issues or whatever you call it. I can have one laptop open, freshly rebooted with no programs open, and I can log into the router and just see the data ticking...
  6. T

    Advice needed on Telkom Mobile - Please HELP!!!

    Hi ladies & gents, I am currently on Telkom ADSL but the lowest speed (1mb) and my cap is 10gb per month. Im looking for change :D, im looking for better speeds for Downloading and browsing for Wifi for my tablets etc. PLEASE HELP and advise. My area map on Telkom mobiles website indicates...
  7. jes

    2013 MyBroadband Awards - the winners

    2013 MyBroadband Awards - the winners The 2013 MyBroadband Awards winners are announced, celebrating excellence in the South African broadband market.
  8. jes

    Telkom demonstrates 200 Mbps Mobile LTE

    Telkom demonstrates 200 Mbps Mobile LTE Telkom Mobile has performed a live demonstration of its latest LTE network, with peak speeds exceeding 200Mbps
  9. jes

    Cell C to Vodacom, MTN: We will crack you

    Cell C to Vodacom, MTN: We will crack you The only way mobile prices will come down in South Africa is if competitors become stronger
  10. psradebe

    20Gig Month to Month for R299

    Either I don't know what month-to-month means, or a typing error from Telkom Mobile or a Hidden offer. On this website I saw an offer stating that the 20Gig for R299 is month to month. Can someone please confirm.
  11. jes

    20c per minute call rate drop too steep, says Vodacom

    20c per minute call rate drop too steep, says Vodacom The initial drop in termination rates from 40c/minute to 20c/minute, and asymmetry between large and small operators, is too steep, according to Vodacom
  12. jes

    iPhone 5s LTE being tested on Telkom Mobile

    iPhone 5s LTE in testing on Telkom Mobile Telkom Mobile is busy testing the TD-LTE capabilities of the new iPhone 5s and 5sc on its network, but it’s still “early days”
  13. C

    Problems with Blackberry 9360 on Telkom contract

    Hello There, I am posting this on behalf of my mother that is having problems getting her Blackberry 9360 that she has on a Telkom Mobile Contract. The following is what she posted on and still got no help with her problem: “Despite my 2 Hello Peter complaints on 8 Sep...
  14. jes

    Telkom Mobile "Completely Unlimited" officially unveiled

    Telkom Mobile “Completely Unlimited” officially unveiled The new “Completely Unlimited” packaged from Telkom Mobile is finally made official
  15. jes

    MyBroadband conference 2013: the best ever

    MyBroadband conference 2013: the best ever The 2013 MyBroadband conference promises to be the biggest and best broadband event in the history of South Africa
  16. J

    I moved- NO signal at new house

    i dont know if anyone else has gone through this or can give me a bit of advice but i recently moved to a new house but now i have NO signal on the Telkom Mobile Network- i pickup MTN but cannot access it as my contract does not allow for this- i am on the 10Gig + 10Gig Package, i have the sim...
  17. QuintonB

    Telkom resolves to fight LLU

    Telkom to fight LLU, save Telkom Mobile: report Telkom is gearing up to fight against local loop unbundling (LLU), while also trying to save its loss-making mobile business, Telkom Mobile
  18. jes

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Vodacom contract prices announced

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vodacom contract prices Contract prices for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on the Vodacom network have emerged
  19. R

    Samsung S4/ Telkom mobile worst nightmare

    I upgrded my contract with Telkom mobile, got a beautiful Samsung S4, two weeks the phone dies:cry:, it couldnt read sim card, also when music plays it sounded like cD with scrathes. Took it back to Telkom mobile store in Rosebank that was like on the 12 September, got a message from them on the...
  20. Azimuth

    Telkom Mobile LTE Speedtest Results

    This thread will follow as the natural successor to the 8ta trial thread here: I've taken a keen interest in LTE predominantly because: a) No hope of getting VDSL in my area b) Already sit with an attenuation of almost 55dB c) Poor SNR at only 13dB when synced at 2Mbps d) Month by month...