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Mar 6, 2013
Paying for internet o contract that's unlimited but yet my internet is so slow it hardly works and I am in coverage the funniest thing is with my prepaid simcard I buy a lot of LTE GB the cost of it is+- R1000 for 220 GB all day + 220 GB night time but it seems to me there night time starts at 1:00am it usually starts at 12:00am so what is wrong with Telekom. So then I think ok let's try to install a land line it's been 3 months now I'm still waiting for that internet line to be installed. My order number is 258421760 of a business line Telekom does nothing if you call the center to follow up on the status the number is busy or does not exist. I filled out a new application with new details and yet Telekom listed old details on my new application. To me that's fraud. And also isTelekom stealing Data from us and is Telekom lazy to do there work. I'm not surprised if they loose customers due to no service