Can we sue Rain


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Apr 5, 2012
Why not open a church so other delusional people can join and you can make money from them to get better connectivity?

God created all things, including cult based economies so embrace it brother. Amen.


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Aug 12, 2015
I think the problem with rain is this. it's being sold very very wrong to the general public. it should be sold as a Best effort service and should clearly state that when people make a purchase. A correct way in selling it would be "you could get speeds of up to 300Mbps for R999 *Please note this varies from area to area and is subject to best efforts located in our T&C's" From there Rain has plenty of space to cover their butts for area's that are oversold and or experiencing overload problems.

Anyone that thinks you'll get 300Mbps every time on a wireless connection that is sold like this to the public is downright silly. Sure maybe if you got a supplier to do it for you but trust me you're not paying R999 for that connection.
I tried rain for a month and it works great I got the R479 unlimited up to 10MB down which really wasn't 10MB down more like 7 which was a bit of a letdown but whatever it serves its purpose. People that need a steady connection contact a wireless service provider.


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Oct 20, 2017
Any ideas on how to cancel my 5G subscription ? I have logged a support ticket 8 days ago, I have PM'd the rain support person on this forum. No luck.
The "manage" button on the rain dashboard does not work - I tried Chrome, IE, Opera. No luck.
So, I'd like to cancel, but nobody wants to listen.

John Gardner

Sep 1, 2013
I was thinking of going for the Rain R479 unlimited but after reading all these comments I'll head for another supplier I think. I'm not a techie and it appears you have to be a bit of one to make Rain work - if at all