CCTV to Samsung Smart TV


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Nov 12, 2020
Hi, please can someone help me. I have a Secure-prod DVR for my cctv and that has BNC output for video. I previously had an LG TV with RCA ports. I use to run the coaxial cable from the DVR out the Video Output port all the way to my LG TV where I have a BNC to RCA connecter (I’ve attached a picture). From that connect I ran a RCA cable to my LG video input and I received the cctv screen on my tv.

I recently purchased a Samsung TV(TU7000), however, it only has HDMI inputs. So I purchased a RCA to HDMI converter (picture attached), however, when I plugged the HDMI from the converter in, the screen was very breaky and fuzzy. You can faintly see the CCTV screen in the background but the screen is very breaky. Although when I plugged the same HDMI into my LG TV that I previously used, it worked fine.

Am I missing something? Do I need to change a setting?


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