1. Nobody Important

    CCTV video format? Plays in Win Media but not VLC

    I have copied some footage from my CCTV system onto a USB to check on my laptop after an attempted break-in tonight. The thumbnails show the video: But when opened in VLC it plays but shows just the vlc cone: Same file plays fine in the pre-installed win media player/"film and tv" app...
  2. Thor

    What else can I install on the Raspberry Pi?

    Hello, I have a raspberry pi that I want to set up at my parent's place (re-doing their network), just wondering what else I can put on it that might be useful. Currently installed: Pi-Hole (DNS + DHCP) Python script to take hourly speed tests and write that to Dropbox. Python script to mail me...
  3. Thor

    Uniview (Record to PC without NVR)

    I bought a couple of the Uniview cameras, very nice quality (image/video), one problem though it appears I cannot use it without an NVR as the EZstation does not allow me to setup recording, appears to want me to connect an NVR. I come from unifi (which is kak easy, controller on a pc and the...
  4. CandyMan_ZA

    Ubiquiti and Dahua IP CCTV Issues

    I am reaching out to the MB community in the hopes that there is an expert out there who can assist me. I have tried contacting Dahua directly but had no response yet. The kit was recently purchased from TopCCTV, who are trying to resolve the issues but have not managed to do so yet. I am...
  5. GipsyD

    Networking a CCTV DVR to store recorded footage on central Server?

    So let me explain this as best I can.... Very recently, one of our Durban branches was broken into. Now this has scared the living daylights out of the top brass, and have now made security around all branches the number one priority. This order comes straight from my CEO. Now we have opted...
  6. M

    CCTV Front Wall Setup

    Hi all, I am looking at options for CCTV setup on my wall facing the street, the wall is about 30meters in length. I had 2 different installers giving different options. Option 1 -Two "goosneck" poles on either end of the wall facing inward. Option 2 -One "goosneck" pole in the middle of the...
  7. Bryn

    Smart outdoor security cameras in SA?

    I searched but don't see this discussion covered. I already have a decent Samsung CCTV 4-channel kit running and it provides 1080p live feeds on a display in the kitchen of both entrances to the property and two decent vantage points that give a good idea of who is outside. They're used pretty...
  8. M

    Buddhist monk caught on CCTV stealing women’s undies from clothesline

    Buddhist monk caught on CCTV stealing women’s undies from clothesline
  9. N

    Unused equipment : CCTV Cameras, Barcode scanners, Voip phone, Canon Printer

    Item: Wireless Barcode Scanner Vcall / with USB data receiver Age: > 1 year Warranty: No Packaging: No Condition: Unused, like new Location: Crown Mines, JHB Reason: Unused equipment Shipping: Yes, for your cost and to arrange Collection: Yes, preferable Price: 400.00 (Market NEW...
  10. M

    Takex MS-12FE triggering

    I have the Takex MS-12FE (180*) hard wired to an IDS-X64 system. I had endless issues with wireless and switched to hard wired. Needless to say now that summer is approaching and 30*C + days are returning, I noticed my beam false alarming between 11:00 - 12:50 window. I installed a camera and...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Cape Town expanding CCTV surveillance programme

    Cape Town expanding CCTV surveillance programme While the City of Cape Town plans to expand its CCTV camera footprint to 600 cameras by the end of the year, it has emphasised that it respects the right to privacy of its residents.
  12. I

    CCTV Monitor keeps gving message "No Video Input"

    Hi, I have a Philips monitor connected to my CCTV DVR with VGA cable. I am getting a No video Input message on the Screen. I took the DVR into the shop I bought it and it works fine there. I replaced the VGA cable today and still the same message. I connected the monitor to my laptop and...
  13. N

    CCTV over Fibre

    Fibrehoods will be doing my complex Fibre infrastructure installation and we would like to piggy back of this Fibre for a complex cctv system. The problem is Fibrehoods has suggested that it would be very expensive to do so. Has anyone had a cctv system installed in the complex over Fibre ...
  14. N

    Opex VXI vs Takex and Cameras systems for home security

    Hi there everyone, I recently had an attempted break in (lucky they didn't make it past my door access gate), however that has raised concerns and my wife and I have decided to upgrade our security. I have had a few quotes for the installation of outdoor beam's(for detection) and camera's (for...
  15. H

    change Google Forms with CSS

    Hi Iam trying to change the ugly integration i have on my site with google forms. They work great but looks BAD. see my contact site and see the problem I would like it to be more integrated in the site layout, maybe with CSS. Best...
  16. H

    iphone icon

    Hi i need a test tool for website iphone icon. How do i test it when i don't have an Iphone. Maby some one can do it for me Iphone and Ipad it works on android. go into and ad website to your homepage. the direct link is...
  17. H

    Google position

    Hi I would like some feed back on my website. What number in did you find my website. when i try i always find my page at number 2 - 12. please post back with your number search for "cctv durban" any other recomendations always welcome :)
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Massive security flaw in CCTV systems

    Massive security flaw in CCTV systems Over 70 CCTV vendors have white-labelled products from TVT which are vulnerable to a remote code execution attack.
  19. M

    Telkom LTE Port Forwarding for CCTV

    Hi All, I have the Telkom LTE Uncapped deal with the Huawei B351s (from the bottom of the device). I also have a new Hikvision CCTV system. I have setup the Hikvision DVR as a fixed IP which I can see over my network (from the PC and mobile phone). However, I'm trying to figure out how...
  20. B

    IP Camera - view & record on PC?

    Hi everyone, I have a ProvisionISR IP Camera model PT-737 and a wi-fi router TP-LINK TL-MR3420. I've gotten the camera to work with the "ProvisionPnV" app on my android phone, except for the following two problems: 1. I can't get the camera to record on it's local SD card. I purchased a...