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    15" 4:3 LCD Monitor?

    Hi, Anyone know where I can find a [decently priced] 15" 4:3 LCD? I wanna use it as a CCTV monitor. Everything these days seems to be wide-screen! Bridgeport sell refurbished ones but they only come with a 30 day warranty so I'm not sure how long those will last as the monitor will be...
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    CCTV and DVR system special for this week

    Hi All The latest pricelist dated 8th June 2009 -Week 24 will be ready for download on Monday afternoon , This week on the Product spotlight page we focusing on CCTV , DVR and Security products , Our new stocks on CCTV cameras have just come in and all prices have been reduced ,Also...
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    World's most stupid thief

    Full story Best part is that the cops said he is, "Not the brightest spark" :D