Cell C misses Vodacom migration target for contract subscribers

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
Cell C misses Vodacom migration target for contract subscribers

Cell C's migration of its contract and broadband customers to Vodacom's network is taking longer than anticipated and has not been completed by February as planned.

This is feedback from the mobile operator which was answering questions from MyBroadband about the migration.

Cell C is in the process of shutting down its radio access network (RAN) and moving customers to roam on Vodacom and MTN's infrastructure as part of a broader turnaround strategy to recover from a dire financial state.
What? They're both shutting down their RAN and building a virtual one on MTN's network but also retaining their RAN on which MTN can roam? Very confusing. So, will they take those contract customers back from Vodacom's network after this is all complete?
I went Cell C due to them having the best coverage in the area. After moving, that remained the case. Since the beginning of the year, about half of incoming calls are nothing more than an SMS saying I have a missed call. No ringing, nothing. It’s PATHETIC.
That's probably when you know you are on the Vodacom network :ROFL:

Ahh yes. The Vodacom ringtone, a missed call notification. I don't miss that at all. At least on telkom the service is iffy but it's super cheap so thats ok.
With some fighting, im back on Cellc , will use it for as long as its alive