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  1. I

    Fixed LTE wireless

    Can anyone recommend the best fixed LTE wireless provider to move to? I am completely done with Afrihost and Cell C, very poor service from them. Nothing costly too as I am a student.
  2. I

    Cell C fixed wireless LTE

    My cell C fixed wireless has been down for 2 days now. Since Friday afternoon. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I’m in Hatfield, Pretoria. It’s so frustrating
  3. Jamie McKane

    Cell C's network agreement with MTN is amazing news for its subscribers

    Cell C's network agreement with MTN is amazing news for its subscribers In May, Cell C announced that it had “entered into a far-reaching roaming agreement with MTN to complement its own high-quality network”. Cell C has essentially selected MTN in preference over Vodacom, which has been...
  4. Jamie McKane

    Cell C extends free Black streaming data

    Cell C extends free Black streaming data Cell C has announced that its free Black streaming data promotion has been extended to February 2019. "The free data is available on any of Cell C’s prepaid or contract plans including MediaPlay, which combines all your connectivity and entertainment...
  5. Jamie McKane

    Telkom Big Deal vs Rain and Cell C LTE - Price and data comparison

    Telkom Big Deal vs Rain and Cell C LTE - Price and data comparison Telkom recently unveiled its Big Deal for October, featuring a fixed-LTE SmartBroadband Wireless package with extra data. The SmartBroadband Wireless 10GB package includes 40GB of anytime data, 20GB of Night surfer data...
  6. Jamie McKane

    Cell C extends ShoutOut social media data promotions

    Cell C extends ShoutOut social media data promotions Cell C announced that it has extended its ShoutOut social data bundles promotion until the end of January 2019. The bundles were first announced on 26 July 2018 and include access to Facebook and WhatsApp.
  7. Jamie McKane

    Cell C hires a weatherman to make fun of Rain

    Cell C hires a weatherman to make fun of Rain Rain recently announced it will suspend the sale of its fixed-LTE products through partner ISPs, due to capacity constraints on its network. The company said the popularity of its mobile products and its strong fixed-LTE sales have put strain on...
  8. I

    Cell C contract migration.

    Hello, Don't know how to start this, but I'm going to dive straight into my issue. I currently have a data contract with Cell C( 40gb for R302, it was R299 but due to VAT increase) where I have a LTE sim and they gave me a ZTE router and it's a 24 month contract, where I still have 13 months...
  9. Jamie McKane

    Cell C launches new 4GB WhatsApp bundle for R49

    Cell C launches new 4GB WhatsApp bundle for R49 Cell C has launched a new selection of social media bundles, which include access to Facebook and WhatsApp. The new ShoutOut bundles are based on the network's original WhatsApp bundle, but add access to Facebook as well as WhatsApp.
  10. S

    Fixed LTE - What's the speeds like, and does it work well for gaming?

    Hi all, I've been thinking of signing up with Axxess for their 200GB LTE deal. Just wanted to find out from current users who make use of Cell C LTE - what are the speeds like (upload and download) and how is the latency to Europe servers for online gaming? Is it comparable to Telkom...
  11. Jamie McKane

    Cell C appoints new CCO

    Cell C appoints new CCO Cell C has appointed Junaid Munshi as its new chief commercial officer, effective from 2 July 2018. Munshi has 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and is returning to Cell C after previously having worked for the company from 2002 to 2004.
  12. I

    Vodacom data being depleted

    Hi guys, -I was on a Cell C mobile LTE router for over 2 years using on my laptop to surf the net using Firefox. I had good connectivity and very reliable data usage (large chunks not going missing if I wasn't watching vids etc) -I switched to Vodacom 2 months back due to a good deal. I am...
  13. B

    Cellc sim swap

    Cellc really sucks, I lost my phone a month ago with my sim now I want to make a sim swap on the number they telling me I cant cause the number does not belong to me yet I have been using this number from 2008 and I had ported it from MTN to cellc thinking its the best service, yet now they...
  14. A

    Cell C Fixed LTE issue with router and iOS devices

    Hi All, I have a very strange problem on my Cell C fixed LTE service from MWEB. My MAC and linux machines connected via WiFi to the B315 works fine. Android phone via WiFi works fine. Apple phones give constant issues. I can ping from the phone (using Inettools) and do DNS lookups...
  15. Pixual

    The Sad Story Of Axxess' Cell C LTE Service

    If you are looking to order anything from Axxess and you just so happen to be on their database from like years ago and your email address has changed, be warned that trying to set up a new account with them is going to put your teeth on edge. I thought I would give the Cell C LTE product they...
  16. P

    Rain LTE-A vs Cell C LTE-A

    I'm done with Rain, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for us. Rain has caused me so much unhappiness I will rather reactivate my 4mb/s line with telkom. But seriously, where I live my only options are max 4mb/s adsl or lte-a. So my question is I am considering moving away from rain...
  17. A

    Fnb Connect Down

    This morning I realised my phone had no network on my fnb sim,I took it out and in again,reboot but still nothing all I get is “No Sim”,calling FNB is mission since I was on hold for 17min...Is anyone having the same problem?Good thing I didn’t port
  18. I

    Social bundles are the future

    At this rate, normal data prices will not go down. Instead, I feel like bundles for specific uses will be the norm moving forward. Bundles for streaming, instant messaging, browsing(including downloading) Any thoughts on this?
  19. C

    Cell c rtl30vw lte-a home router

    Having trouble with my router if anyone can please help me
  20. H

    WASP's billing me without consent. Anyone else?

    Morning Guys and Girls. I was wondering how often this happens to people without them knowing. I get SMS's every now and then, for some subscription service or the other, but normally i just ignore them. So this morning I decided to see what this is all about, as it often states "Thank you...