Developer Economics Q2 2019 Survey

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Sep 3, 2017
MyBroadband is partnering with SlashData for the Developer Economics Q2 2019 Survey to give away a Google Home Mini to one lucky MyBroadband forum member who completes the survey.

To enter, simply do the following:
The survey is open to anyone who is a developer - professionally, as a hobby, or as a student - and asks a variety of questions including which developer skills are most important, which programming languages you use, and what resources are most valuable for learning.

Outside of the prizes exclusive to MyBroadband forum members, there are over $12,000 worth of prizes available to those who complete the survey, including a Samsung Chromebook and a Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

The MyBroadband competition will run until Sunday 7 July 2019, and the winner of the Google Home Mini will be announced on Monday 8 July.

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