Oct 4, 2010
Hmmmm.... who do we blame?

1. Sunday Times
2. DA bladdy agents
3. Ted Voss

Paul Hjul

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Aug 31, 2006
He is probably right. His role in the Department means he gets a paycheck which means he has property to steal
QED it is the Department's fault that he got burgled


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Jan 2, 2006
“He later informed me that valuables such as a TV and a HD camera were still there, but my laptops and bags containing [highlight]my personal documents were gone.[/highlight]”

Is that code for porn? Curious that he has more than one "laptop" that he leaves in Bloemfontein and that he is more concerned about the bagged documents than the laptops.

Perhaps it was really one notebook and the associated case/bag that also contained a few scraps of paper at the time of being opportunistically stolen.

“I’m being intimidated. I’ve been getting funny calls, but I didn’t take them seriously. Since Sunday, I have been receiving them. Now it makes sense that these calls and the burglary could be related.”

OMG the media are totally targeting Dinosaurus Pule's poor downtrodden spin doctor on loan from the corrupt Free State premier's office, media people please stop phoning him as he does not find it funny and he will accuse you of burglary.

The Trutherizer

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May 20, 2010
Come on really now... This is speculation at best. Only thing this proves is that this guy will say anything and doesn't have a shred of decency. This is not a soccer match where faking an injury is practically required. He's making serious criminal allegations against people.

And I believe he's neglecting to mention that his laptop bag was probably lying on the sofa or kitchen counter and within easy reach, that his TV is most likely a 50inch+ monstrosity that can hardly get out the door and that his camera was in his cupboard or similar obscure place.

He can be lucky the perps did not defecate on his carpet, slash his couches and destroyed everything they can't carry before leaving as is common in SA break-ins.

And come now.. He's a spindoctor. This mampara definitely has an over inflated esteem of his own worth if he thinks people take him serious enough to feel the need to intimidate him. Does he think we are not used to ANC barky dogs by now?
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