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Oct 8, 2012
What software solution would you recommend for sales, quoting, costing, and operations management

This would be for a crating company which provides a number of logistical services to the Freight, Manufacturing and Rigging companies. The biggest problem is to create a quote from the customer inquiry realtime and send the requirements to operations and finance departments while managing the data to determine service based costs. The problem is that it is a niche market the company supplies users when they have abnormal requirements, such as hazardous goods, awkward shapes and difficult loading environments., they do not really fit into a category to use standard software.

They have a customized delphi crating program but its outdated and doesn't integrate.

Please help !!


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May 6, 2010
Dont want to dampen things for you, just be wary that open source software is great and im a firm believer in it, however you can burn yourself if you cannot find support for it, especially someone to sit across a table from you and provide face 2 face support (yes people still like face2face) - if you have long term plans for a solution, I would suggest splashing out some cash for a well grounded solution with support - just my 10c.

If you want more info give me a shout.

amazing software, thanx for the tip :)