1. RedViking

    Personal Knowledge Base (PKB) Software or System

    For those who are using PKB software or system. What are you using? I have started with my own PKB many years ago by using HelpNDoc but it is a bit dated and lacks many features. Currently I make good use of Google Keep, but it is very basic. I would prefer something that is Open Source or...
  2. Nod

    OpenToonz: Making high-end animation software accessible

    Source: More at the source ....
  3. Johnatan56

    Open source database systems ebook

    Hi, does anyone know of an open source/free text book on database systems? It has to be for beginners. Thanks.
  4. Y

    Looking for Developers (Python) for Cape Town

    Looking for Developers for several roles available in Cape Town Language of Choice Python.
  5. M

    Wanted: Talented Web Developers (Cape Town CBD)

    Company: Mr Delivery Location: Foreshore, Cape Town (Head Office) Salary Range: negotiable based on experience Company Profile In 2011, Mr Delivery (under the leadership of new owners) repositioned as a logistics solutions provider and expanded its existing food delivery network to...
  6. N

    EPR software

    What software solution would you recommend for sales, quoting, costing, and operations management This would be for a crating company which provides a number of logistical services to the Freight, Manufacturing and Rigging companies. The biggest problem is to create a quote from the customer...
  7. Nod

    Nexuiz 2.5 Raises The Bar For Open-Source Gaming

    Source: Phoronix: Screenshots and more info at the source.