1. RedViking

    Personal Knowledge Base (PKB) Software or System

    For those who are using PKB software or system. What are you using? I have started with my own PKB many years ago by using HelpNDoc but it is a bit dated and lacks many features. Currently I make good use of Google Keep, but it is very basic. I would prefer something that is Open Source or...
  2. Nod

    OpenToonz: Making high-end animation software accessible

    Source: More at the source ....
  3. R

    OpenSource, unlicensed Long Range Wireless and Rural BandWidth

    Hi (Dumelang/Eita/Yebo!) Using an analogy of Taxis (ignore taxi drivers rudeness); if there are local and long distance taxis - why can't one exploid OSS and FSO to built and commercialise Local "Village area networks" - then Local schools can use it to share resources and go via big ISPs...
  4. antowan

    Meet FARMBOT
  5. Johnatan56

    Open source database systems ebook

    Hi, does anyone know of an open source/free text book on database systems? It has to be for beginners. Thanks.
  6. Y

    Looking for Developers (Python) for Cape Town

    Looking for Developers for several roles available in Cape Town Language of Choice Python.
  7. M

    Wanted: Talented Web Developers (Cape Town CBD)

    Company: Mr Delivery Location: Foreshore, Cape Town (Head Office) Salary Range: negotiable based on experience Company Profile In 2011, Mr Delivery (under the leadership of new owners) repositioned as a logistics solutions provider and expanded its existing food delivery network to...
  8. N

    EPR software

    What software solution would you recommend for sales, quoting, costing, and operations management This would be for a crating company which provides a number of logistical services to the Freight, Manufacturing and Rigging companies. The biggest problem is to create a quote from the customer...
  9. Nod

    Nexuiz 2.5 Raises The Bar For Open-Source Gaming

    Source: Phoronix: Screenshots and more info at the source.
  10. H

    Opensource Maps

    Hey guys lets finish off the mapping in our areas so that we have a usable opensource map to use!! Its really simple to add changes as you have google earth like photos superimposed in the reditting section. Check it out Thanks