OpenToonz: Making high-end animation software accessible


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Jul 22, 2005
Kostanstin Dmitriev is one of the pioneers making professional animation tools available for Linux users. His primary focus over the years has been the ongoing development of Synfig Studio, a 2D animation program. Konstantin has proven Synfig's power with the completion of his short film, "The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna: Demo."

To help other artists and to promote his work, Kostanstin chronicled the progress of his animation on the Morevna Project. What started as a simple blog quickly evolved into a rich resource for anyone interested in using open source tools for animation.


Recently, when I was visiting the Morevna Project, I discovered the Linux version of OpenToonz available for download. For those of you who don't know about OpenToonz, it's an open version of the software that Studio Ghibli co-developed with Digital Video and uses to create their breathtaking animations. In 2016, Dwango launched the OpenToonz project in cooperation with Digital Video and Studio Ghibli, opening up their code to users.

There was a lot of press and buzz on social media regarding OpenToonz in the animation community, so I was surprised and excited to see OpenToonz available to Linux users. Making high-end software like OpenToonz accessible to professionals and aspiring animators is exciting, but making that same software available on Linux makes even a stronger case for people to convert to an open system for their work.

I thought that I would reach out to Dmitriev and talk to him about his thoughts about supporting a Synfig competitor and what this means for Synfig's development in the coming year.

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