Farren Roper


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Nov 22, 2010
Farren Roper is the Central Marketing Organisation (CMO) lead for Microsoft South Africa heading up marketing, communications and branding for the local subsidiary. He joined Microsoft with a new passion for marketing in the mobile and cloud era. Farren is also a director for the Schools Division of the ADvTECH group appointed for his expertise on innovation and technology.

Farren has his roots in technology start-ups, having formerly founded his own businesses, run a dynamic internet service provider and taken to market smartphone and tablet Apps which have topped the South African App stores. He considers himself to be an entrepreneur and also an intrepreneur (internal business innovator).

Farren holds three degrees including a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of South Africa a LLB degree and a Bachelor of Commerce degree with majors in law and economics.

Farren’s career begun as a commercial attorney where he moved on to become a legal advisor for Clover SA. He later moved on to FNB where he eventually ran two successful start up’s within the group. He started as the head of legal risk and compliance role for FNB’s mobile and technology division, FNB Connect, eventually promoted to the Head of the Business Unit and also led the Bank’s mobile marketing strategy. Farren was also an Executive Director and Chairman of the FirstRand company which held the groups telecommunications licences and spearheaded the market strategy and relations with the regulator. He was also the key spokesperson for the Bank on digital and technology innovation, speaking across numerous online and offline platforms, including TEDx. Farren’s team was a 2x recipient of the ‘radical innovation award’ in the renowned FNB innovation programme. Farren led key innovation results for the bank, including App of the year and the Minister of Science and Technology award for innovation in the Technology top 100. He joined Microsoft in May 2014, excited about the new transformation and obsessing on how he can contribute to showing the market how Microsoft helps them do more and be more in their work and home life.

Farren comes from the township of Eldorado Park and attributes his success to his passion and hunger for learning. Current passion includes the internet, mobile, applications, start up’s, education, mobile and cloud marketing. Farren is 34, unmarried and enjoys reading, creative writing, playing tennis supporting philanthropic educational initiatives in his spare time.

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