Aubrey Smith

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Jan 1, 2018

If anyone has any idea where or when is fi re coming to Vereeniging. The last week I kept on seeing openserve bakkies like 4 to 6 of them parked not far from each other (beside the road), and there was some isp conracting me telling that ou area has been marked by them as fibre coming soon.
Wel that was back in March, begin Mei. But I have notheard from them agian.
If anyone can please give me a proper answer or just keep me and anyone interested in this Thread just up to date that will be much Appreciated..
Jun 12, 2019
Hi Aubrey,

Dark Fibre Africa have existing fibre infrastructure in Vereeniging. However, they only supply business fibre, not residential. The good news is that the physical fibre is already in town and can be pulled into residential areas. I highly doubt that Openserv will take up the task of trenching anytime soon as we can see from our portal that they are not even in planning stage. (Openserve planning stage to trenching is usually 12+ months, if we are lucky.)

We currently provide competitive wireless alternatives for Vereeniging clients struggling on ADSL, and are investigating the opportunity deploying "fibre to the home" (FTTH) to the residences of Vereeniging. We would love to do this!!

But, a business case for fibre would require the community to show sufficient interest as we would need a minimum of homes to sign up... But, it is very possible and can be done rather quickly once we take action.

If you could assist us in gathering interest, please inbox us and we can discuss.
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