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Jul 22, 2003
Established in 2009 as an equal partnership between CellC, Internet Solutions and Convergence Partners, FibreCo aims to deploy a state-of-the-art fully managed long-haul fibre optic terrestrial network. FibreCo will develop infrastructure where necessary and leverage already available fibre networks and other relationships to provide the most efficient route combinations.

FibreCo will offer a fully managed monitoring and maintenance service of the network on a 24/7 basis for its tenants. A range of additional value-added services will also be available, dependant on customer requirements.

Advances in telecommunications technology are driving down the costs of broadband connectivity for operators on an ongoing basis, enabling them to build broadband networks with larger and larger capacity, connecting countries to each other, connecting cities within a country, and connecting individual customer locations (both enterprises and individuals) via the telecommunications network. These cost benefits ultimately translate to lower pricing and more broadband capacity for end users, as competition between telecommunications infrastructure providers results in them passing on more and more of the cost savings to customers.

FibreCo’s objective is to leverage these dynamics into SA’s broadband sector. It will do so by building and managing a national fibre optic transmission network to world-class standards, and allowing anchor tenants to own capacity on that network. The open-access commercial model will enable FibreCo’s customers to directly access the economic efficiencies inherent in fibre-optic networks, notably the ability to scale up the capacity being utilised by a factor of many orders of magnitude, with only a fractional increase in the costs of transmission.

FibreCo also plans to make bandwidth available at preferential pricing to institutions that will utilise it in a way that will assist broad ranging socio-economic developments. Typically this would include education and research institutions.

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