Former Microsoft UX design chief roasts Windows 11 start menu


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May 24, 2010
Former Microsoft design bigwig roasts Windows 11 Start Menu

A former senior Microsoft design lead has heavily criticised the Start Menu in Windows 11.

In a lengthy Twitter rant on Tuesday, Jensen Harris pointed out several glaring problems in the menu, ranging from inconsistent corners and misaligned text to bad colour options and distracting content.
Microsofts UX Committee didn't agree on how to design the UX so they just agreed to design "something"
if it works great, if not, well sorry...
I read his thread, but experience is inconsistent. Agree with some of the points though
They haven't even been able to get Win 10 right so what else can we expect.
Among his roles was leading the team responsible for redesigning the software user experience of Surface and Windows between 2008 and 2014.

It was during this period that the much-loved Windows 7 was released.

Windows 7 was more a refinement of windows Vista that came before his time. Windows Vista's was unstable, but once it was refined, windows 7 was the result.

When left to his own devices, he was the one in charge of this monstrosity

What most people want today is for the os to get out of the way so people can use their apps. Its there so you programs can use your hardware. not to serve apps, bombard you with interruptions and change your default browser all the time.
His not wrong its a big steaming pile to be honest, thank god for openshell...

Microsoft should stop trying to be apple, we dont want those "design decisions" we want functionality and that means windows peaked at 7.
Ughh.. so one disgruntled employee is news. Must be slow news day.

Everyone will cry about something.....
All I want is the Windows 95 menus.

No joke. No fancy UI that needs to load, no cortana loading, no internet searches.

Just a simple click and the menu opens. Problem is not my machine but the other machines you work on.
The last time I used the start menu was ... okay, too long to remember when that was :X3:
I thought it to be major effort to move the previous windows interface to windows 10/11. They obviously couldn't hold back the entire OS for years/ decades and have been chipping away at it and releasing the updated UI in chucks with every new release.

I prefer the new UI especially when having to go back and work on older versions, windows has come a long way in the past years
I started dual booting Ubuntu on my Dell 7390 touch because windows was getting annoying.

Everything works fine, but the battery somehow lasts a few hours longer.

I'm so over Windows updates.
There isn't even any apps to miss.

Design wise is not comparable.
There no ads. I love it