Free XP Virtual machine


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Jul 18, 2008
In case you are ever in need of one for emergencies, you can download the XP mode from here: and open it with your fav archiver tool (instead of launching it). I use 7zip. Next, double click the /sources/xpm 'file' which appears to be an archive and extract the VirtualXPVHD file then rename it with a .vhd extension.
Now install virtual box and create a new virtual box machine of type Windows XP (32-bit) and from 500Mb to 3.25 Gb RAM (this is a 32-bit install and it won't use more). Next, attach the .vhd image file from the previous step as the primary HDD and make it the first boot item. You may want to increase video RAM to 128 Mb as well.
If your mouse doesn't work out the box, use tab, arrows, space and enter to navigate to the install screens, using Ctrl-R to reboot at the final (black) screen. On reboot cancel any auto updates or hardware installation screens then click 'Devices' - 'Install guest additions cd' and reboot.

You'll now have a 30 day installation useful for whatever the heck you needed it for to start with (hopefully not a production system LMAO).
In my case I had to access an ancient system that refused to operate in a modern browser and OS. IE 0.1 FTW LOL.
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Sep 19, 2007
I actually had to spin up an XP VM a few months ago to get some files out of an old Windows NT style .BKF file that refused to cooperate on Win 10.


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Mar 8, 2007
Anyone know if there's a Windows 7 freebie out there?
Also - anyone know why XP networking / ie on XP is so dog slow? My login times out after a while lol. I'll try 7 - it should have the same vulnerable browser I'm looking for out of the box LOL

*EDIT* Oh look - here are a ton of different VHDs:
Was about to mention this. I've been using it for ages for Cross-Browser testing.


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Nov 3, 2013
You popped in to swing your e-peen in my thread? Lockdown getting to you?
We're not all techies who work with this stuff all day :laugh:

Please accept my sincerest apologies for amusing you competent.

Dan C

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Nov 21, 2005
I grabbed the DL and am going to install it today :D
Did mine from scratch.. although this was done a while back.. I just reloaded the VM drive now. Great to test all these free software on it.