Help Cancelling/Transferring Hosting From Mweb Business/IS Ignite.


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Nov 12, 2009
Hi, so I've decided that our website needs a complete overhaul, since the sitebuilder I'm on ( is outdated, restrictive, and simply not working for me. It seems that only Internet Explorer 6-8 functions correctly on the sitebuilder (Google Chrome hardly works at all). I want cPanel access, the ability to setup my own email accounts, subdomains, and convenience, all the things I normally get in a standard shared hosting package.

Mweb Business (now IS Ignite) says I must "cancel" my current hosting package with them which requires 30 days notice, and open a new hosting package with them, since my current hosting package is on the "old Mweb platform", and they don't facilitate moving websites between platforms. It makes some kind of sense, but it is still ridiculous that I'm left to struggle with a sitebuilder that only works on Internet Explorer, and that to have the problem fixed I need to do it myself.

I kind of understand why selfbuild website data transfers between their own hosting packages may go beyond their call of duty, but this inconvenience has prompted me to cancel my hosting with them completely and setup the website from scratch at a different host/ISP, since I'm paying them a lot of money.

So, since IS Ignite is NOT Mweb Business, the same method for cancelling/transferring domains may not apply. Is there anyone who can advise me on how to do this correctly? Do I apply at my new host first? I still haven't decided who I'm going to move to yet, so any input on that will also be appreciated. I've already emailed and, and have not received any reply. Should I call in and cancel that way?

Website Domain:
Current Self-Build Hosting Package = R480
Email Accounts charged separately = R40x3 = R120
Total = R600 p/m

I want to reduce this to about R250 p/m or less all inclusive.

What is worries me is how long my email accounts may go down for, since our business relies heavily on email. I've considered moving host to Hetzner, since they seem to be good, but are there any others?


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Jul 22, 2009
Phew, thats pretty expensive for just a hosted domain. You can get a full unmanaged linux server for R800 P/M from Hetzner. (I've used them for ages, and they are good)
Have a look at Afrihost too, they have got some VPS (Virtual Servers) from around R250 P/M for something decent.

Jade @ Absolute Hosting

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Nov 17, 2015
To answer some of your questions,

Decide on which host is best for your budget and the services that they offer and sign up for services with them.
Get the activation of your services and payments done, and start setting up your email accounts with your new provider.
Cancel your existing accounts with IS/MWEB
Initiate a transfer of your domain names over to your new provider - you should be able to accept the transfers for these domains as neither IS/MWEB are allowed to list themselves as the registrant.

Let us know how it goes and if you need any assistance.


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May 13, 2011
you can go to webafrica.. they have cpanel and an easy to use website builder.. the packages are all inclusive of everything.. just an example, not holding a gun to your head to sign up with them..

as for the transfer, sign up with your new host first and initiate the domain transfer and get everything setup.. build your new site and setup all your email accounts on the new provider.. if they are imap accounts, setup the accounts for both providers in an email client and copy the mail to each respective account.. once you are happy that it all is working as it should and have setup any custom DNS records that may have been added on your old host, just update your name servers for the domain to your new hosts name servers and jobe done.. do the update late on evening, to minimize potential loss of email..