Help needed with complaint to Telkom

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Oct 12, 2005
Nice one Frankc.

I was house-sitting a friend's place over xmas and bought a Telkom pre-paid voucher for the home phone for me to use. I was meant to use account 1 on the phone, but for some reason it simply wouldn't accept my voucher (invalid voucher number...) so I called Telkom and eventually got to speak to a woman who simply stuck the R100 I'd paid onto the phone. Great, but she'd put the money on the master account for which I didn't know the password... I called back, spoke to someone else who said it would take 48 hours to move the money to account 1 instead!? I demanded to speak to his supervisor who he was reluctant to call, but eventually did, and I argued with the supervisor for a good 5 minutes about it, him repeatedly stating that it would take 48 hours to do. I told him I'd happily sit and talk to him for 48 hours while he does it, and so he says "Hang on a second" and disappears for a minute or two, comes back, and says "It's done". And it was. It really was. Sometimes I just don't understand.


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Jan 11, 2006
Start with 0800375375 - Complaints line

Then 0800652652 opt 2 - with reference number ; mark priority

Then 0800600126 (Customer Care) - with reasonable arguments. If you reach this point, someone will at least investigate your problems.

The issue is that there at MANY outstanding adsl requests... I tend to agree with the guys that argue that it is not really worthwhile spending time on arguing with telkom - not good for your blood pressure.


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Nov 8, 2005
Frankc said:
I am damn deaf (really) but cannot agree more.

There IS far too few people in South Africa that have the guts and plain "Stand up and be a man" that don't accept anything just as if they don't have any selfrespect and a will of their own.
Again, I am deaf and cannot really achieve too much but it don't prevent me from creating my own and TRY to do things.

It don't prevented me from standing in front of Standard Bank with a big banner and when that fails, go straight to Head Office and hand over complaints (pamplets) to each and every one in and outside the bank. (Got good results)

It don't prevented me from walking into MTN's Head Office and start putting banners all over the place and in front of each employee and client. They said I must go but I told them I will simply go from place to place and even the media offices and they are welcome to follow me everywhere to remove such banners (Got the problem fixed within minutes)

It don't prevented me from walking into the Pretoria/Tshwane Town's Clerk's office and, in front of everybody (He was in a meeting) said that I will not leave until a specific problem was solved. (I was waiting several weeks and loose my temper after their accountant was very rude) (I got a PERSONAL cheque from the Town Clerk's expenses account right away and a letter to apologise a few days later)

It don't prevented me from standing in front of Edgars on a Saturday morning and bring all the traffic to a standstill. The police arrived later but well, there is no law agains talking to other people, and since I am deaf, I do the talking in writing. - It confused them a lot and they don't knew how to handle that until the manager arrived and resolve my problem there and then)

Come on guys.

The big organisations walk over you just like they want so don't moan if you don't like it because it's your OWN fault for allowing that.

Do something and we WILL win.
Even if we all have to buy 100 shares in Telkom, and then actually showed up at a shareholders meeting and give them hell, or whatever other method we follow, sooner or later it will place so much pressure on the that they gave in.

I for one, if decided I WANT something, will NOT gave in until I got what I want. You CAN hear, and can COMMUNICATE, and CAN do much more than that I am able to do so........ (Ps. See my post "Nissan 4x4" just before I noticed this thread and post a reply)

i couldn't agree with you more. if more south africans had your passion or adopted your attitude, we, as a country, would not be subjected to companies that consistently provide poor service and rip people off at every opportunity they get.

well done for tackling the companies you did... and actually getting them to resolve the problems that they were giving you ;)


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Aug 30, 2005
Here is the email I received from a Mr Hill regarding my complaint.


We are looking into the matter w/r/t to the unacceptable attitude of the staff member.

Your order is currently dependant on an adsl port in the Local Exchange. All the ports are exhausted and our project office has a project out to provide more ports. The project office has indicated that they expect to get the necessary infrastructure in place by 31st MAR where-upon we then can get the order onto our technical department to arrange installation date .

They are aware of the urgency and we are trying to improve where possible.


George Hill
Specialist NPHD
Western Region

I got a call back from another person suggesting I sign-up for an ISDN line in the meantime.

Come on guys I live in the center of the most powerful economic hub in Africa and you haven't got space for ports on your exchange?? Did you not think that there would be a demand for it??

I've now put the ball in their court and will leave it till Monday (agreeing about blood pressure :) )

Just getting sick and tired of being treated with distain and being given the run around.


oh and IS, your service sucks too..


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Feb 12, 2006
i was told that same thing, along those very lines, on the phone today. i told them that they were going to be getting bills for approximately R5000, as that will be my approximate telecoms costs while I wait for ADSL.

i work exclusively from home. i would try to do some of my work in internet cafes, except they don't let you use your own laptops in them (wtf?)

that said... can you give me the contact details for this mr hill? i was told that i would have to wait until 29 may for my adsl. i'm probably going to have to get another phone line in this house as a result, because my boyfriend can never use the phone, and i'm missing phone calls because i'm always online. I bet that's going to have 25 years to do as well.

(ALWAYS -- i got the "Mr Ouedraogo, you have hit your credit limit, please pay us some money before the 3rd of March" telephone call. My credit limit is R1500. That's R1500 in almost exclusively internet time since 9th Feb, when my line was connected.)

south africa is supposed to be the advanced country, right? as soon as my boyfriend and stepson improve their levels of french, we are so out of here. back to west africa we go.

(and to VERY CHEAP INTERNET to boot)

[sitting here right now in a house with no electricity isn't helping either. the ****. makes no effing sense. im going to have to cough up for a generator, too.]


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Apr 22, 2005
I'm still waiting to hear when ADSL will be available in my area.....

Have logged a complaint but they to scared to get back to me.....


Mar 2, 2005
antowan said:

Well, let's say you have an business with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. If Telkom is split by region you would have to deal with 3 different companies potentially.

No I think Telkom should decide (or be forced to) whether it wants to wholesale or retail. But should not do both.


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May 5, 2021
i have been told if my account is paid two month upfront they wont put through a debit order. after they try to collect money in november and december in the middle of the month which was not authorise. so i paid it three months upfront and cancelled the debit orders. i changed my account and guess what they still trying to take moeney whenever they want and bill it against me. i need a place where i can complain because phone calls doesnt help. email doesnt help. is there any suggestions.

Moto Guzzi

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Apr 24, 2004
I had very little problems with the service from Telkom over the years, however its hardly impossible to communicate with a knowledgeable person, and explaining the situation is not possible. If I log a fault, or rather problem as a result of a promise to me, I can nowehere explain where I think the problem lies, and which section should rather look at it, or I at least discuss with a knowledgeable person, it would save so much time etc, no its just not possible.

Now if you cannot communicate, or cummunication is only from provider to you one way, thats a big problem.
Thank god their vequipment hold up better that the knowledge behind it. This needs to change in South Africa as a whole, and the rest of the world for that matter.

Also get rid of No Reply E-mails, its a SYMPTOM of modern corruption. Because of the communication, I voted "POOR", I have no other option to vote. In a practical world these CAll Centres are too ignorant and too far removed from the users reality as well, the EU-1992 made a huge mistake with this bussiness trend.

The last 15 years I adopt a way of not logging a fault if I have a problem, and usually it clears up no problem, however before that if I log a fault, my situation got worse and then neaded some interventions to correct after fiddlled with the service by Call Centre.
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