help needed with smart function & ps3 through access point


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Jul 16, 2008
hey guys, was wondering if you could help.

See attached picture link for layout.

everything works fine in room#1, and 99% of the time all is fine with smart tv and dongle in room 2 to be able to connect to network/internet wireless, but recently I've added a ps3 in the bedroom and keep getting disconnected from the network every half an hour or so.

So i decided to get myself an access point (WG102 Netgear access point), which I can just put in my bedroom so both smart tv and ps3 can connect to it, which should (if not mistaken) connect to my wireless in room 1.

I don't have the slightest clue how to set this up (Access point).

Any suggestions/ideas as to the configuration of the Access point/Router/ps3 to get it to have a stable internet connection?

My wireless in room#1 works on WPA2-PSK through a DGN2200 Netgear router.

Unfortunately, the other half doesnt want a LAN cable to run from room#1 to room#2, and don't want to go the route of purchasing those EOP plugs, so will have to do with what I have I suppose.

Your help will be much appreciated :)
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Jul 31, 2009
Away from home so can't check on my router but off the top of my head, do this : Connect the AP to your PC as stated in the manual and look for a setting that has something like, Repeater mode or AP mode.


Try change the channel your WiFi is broadcasting at..for some reason this caused the same issues on my Laptop and PS3.