1. G

    Huawei B535-932 and load shedding

    Hi So I recently purchased a Huawei B535-932 router to replace my B315 router. The router connect to a Gizzu mini ups to keep me up and running during load shedding. Since load shedding started up recently I noticed that my B535 router would remain powered up but I would have no signal and...
  2. Clothahump

    Router suggestion for classroom - 30 wifi connections

    Hi there. I'm looking at a LTE solution for a classroom with 30 students. 1. Need a router that can handle 30 wifi connections - some 2.4 and some 5.8 GHz 2. Need a whitelist/blacklist on router - to stop facebook etc. 3. We have a MTN tower on school grounds - therefore planning to go with MTN...
  3. S

    Unlocking a router

    Hi all I have a problem, I have an alcatel Y858V wireless LTE router but it's seems to be locked to mtn, though when I connect it to my laptop and open the page to control the router it allows me to create a profile for Telkom but it still doesn't work, I changed the apn but it doesn't allow me...
  4. A

    ZYXEL VMG3625-T20A fibre router

    Item name : ZYXEL VMG3625-T20A Age and condition: +2 years, Excellent condition. Never used only open for pictures Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: I have better router that i use Price: R500 Negotiable: No Location: JHB / Benoni Shipping or collection: collection only
  5. G

    Webafrica cant help with router settings for Frogfoot

    I recently had frogfoot installed. I tried everything to get my Netgear Orbi RBK in router mode to connect with PPPOE with my correct username and password after it stopped working, was fine for 4 days? It works from the gigapoints' Ethernet port directly to my computers' lan port with the same...
  6. mrockett

    Totolink router failure…

    Hi everyone, My fibre provider installed a Totolink A3002RU router as part of a fibre upgrade in the area. It's been running super smooth until now, when it just up and stopped working. Both bands are no longer broadcasting, and I'm unable to connect to it over ethernet. I do have a wifi...
  7. P

    Telkom LTE Huawei Router Updated, Ca't access router page

    My LTE router became inactive for a few minutes in which the light that usually shines green/red was shining blue. I was unable to turn it off, I could only reset it to the blue light state, and no connection was present. I was going through the process of trouble shooting, trying to reset the...
  8. A

    Rain huawei solution

    I am currently using this app I am talking about myself Fast There are no errors in it Any inquiries, I am available Huawei manager English version
  9. B

    adsl vs vdsl modem

    Hi, so i currently have a 20mbs dsl package from telkom, however I only receive speeds up to 16mbs, I am currently using a regular adsl router, will upgrading to a vdsl router give me better results? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  10. R

    LTE modems with backup battery?

    Hey all. I hope this is in the right place. I'm desperately looking for a modem that takes a sim card and comes with a backup battery. I know the Huawei b315 has one that works really well but it's discontinued and I'm really struggling to find one. Maybe if you have any alternate suggestions...
  11. K

    LTE and Mobile Data

    I need to travel around SA and will need internet for streaming Can I get LTE (not Fixed) and if LTE is not available will the router use 3G. If so who it the best provider to use. Also what router would you recommend.
  12. L

    D-link 825ACG1 Alternative

    I got an 8Mb Fibre Afrihost package. A speed test indicates 20mb but I attribute that to a free upgrade during lockdown. With the package came a Nokia modem and a d-link 825ACG1 wifi router. When I'm about 10m away from the router (not in line of sight but in another room with door closed) the...
  13. P

    Need help deciding what antenna to buy

    I have a Huawei E5573 router and after moving my router to my room I am not getting the same internet speed that I had when it was in the living room. I am useless with these type of stuff and struggling to find indoor antennas for the router that will work. Any help would be appreciated even...
  14. F

    Fibre router suggestion

    I have been using the router that cool ideas gave me, (TP-Link WR840N), but it broke down last week, I know it is the router as I managed to get hold of a Tenda N300 and it is working ok now. I have a 20/2 line with CISP (Vumatel). I have 4 people around the house = 4 phones + TV + ~4 tablets...
  15. D

    Connecting two routers

    Hi all. With this lockdown, I have been designated to take home our server, so if the boss or other employee needs anything, I can email/drop box it to them. For the whole day I have been trying to setup a "home network" I am currently using an Asus N14U router, connected to my fibre line for...
  16. J

    How to add a second router to an existing router ?

    Hi I have a fibre network with level 7 as service provider. The wireless router is located in the middle of the house, but I also want to add a second router. I have a previous Telkom Dlink router - can I use this or do I need to get another router ? If I connect a router with ethernet cable...
  17. One Up

    OpenWRT Gigabit Router recommendations 2020

    I would like a gigabit router with decent wireless speeds that is capable of running OpenWRT. What would one recommend I buy in South Africa? I was thinking about getting the TP-Link Archer A7v5, but I would prefer buying local and cheaper (local prices for this device are in the R2k to R2k5...
  18. powermzii

    Router recommendations - Ubiquiti or Mikrotik

    Looking to upgrade from my hAP AC lite with something beefier that would be able to handle gigabit on the WAN once we get fibre. WiFi is managed separate from the router so device would specifically be for routing and firewall for the home LAN. Which of these 2 would you recommend and why...
  19. G

    3 Wireless ADSL and VDSL routers for sale [bundle deal - all for R500]

    Three used ADSL/VDSL modem routers for sale. Perfect for someone looking to use them as range extenders or for an IT guy to use as test devices. If you're still on ADSL, you can use the VDSL modem router to get up to 40mbps on an ADSL line. Just the VDSL router retails for around R1000. Based...
  20. NeonNinja

    Telkom ADSL to LTE replacement???

    So I just got home. Our Internet wasn't working since the 10th of January. Called on the 12th. Sent a techie today. They were liasing with my sister. So they replaced our ADSL router (D-Link) with a Huawei B315v with obviously a sim card inside. Wtf? My sister is only coming back tonight for me...