1. J

    Problem with router password

    Huawei WiFi router B618s – 65d I enter the address On Statistics window asks to enter user name and password I have with me as both “admin” but it responds as “incorrect user name or password” Please help to get this correct. Thank you
  2. T

    WANTED - LTE Router

    Hi, is anyone selling their LTE Router, preferrably in Centurion.
  3. S

    Looking for standalone modem for pfSense router

    Hello. I am planning to setup pfSense on an old desktop computer to be used as a router. A standalone modem is required to connect the computer to the WAN via ethernet. I tried searching online including online stores such as Takealot but the results returned include WiFi routers. Where can I...
  4. Amine

    Calix GigaCenter ONT / Router

    Hello Everyone I just want to know if anyone here experienced or know about the ONT / Router called Calix GigaCenter 844G-2 that MetroFiber supplies to their customers ?
  5. M

    D-Link DSL-G2562DG - Fiber + VDSL + ADSL router

    Item: D-Link DSL-G2562DG - Fiber + VDSL + ADSL router. Age: 6 months Price: R1000 negotiable. Warranty: Not sure Packaging: Yes Condition: Excellent - looks brand new Location: Cape Town - Southern Suberbs Reason: Getting Fiber and ISP will provide a free router Shipping: Yes - Aramex R99 - will...
  6. R

    Free to Use Routers

    Hi chaps, I keep seeing *Free to use WIFI router next to the fibre offerings going around... first spotted it with the LTE options but never paid much attention (LTE was slower than my 8mb adsl). What I cannot find is clarity on what this means, for example: - Is it yours after 12/24 months; -...
  7. W

    Various items (Routers + RAM + other)[ALL SOLD]

    Upgraded quite a few items in my setup, so selling all additional stuff. All Items have been tested and are working. (Shipping price not included for bundles) I'll add some pictures asap. Bundle : All items left R3200 R700 Item: TP-Link Archer D7, AC1750 Age: Not sure Price: R1000 R900 R800...
  8. RedViking

    (SOLVED) FileZilla Server FTPS not Working - Passive Mode fails

    I am trying to create a server using FileZilla Server and use FTPS over Public Network/IP. FileZilla (not FileZilla Server) error: Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Status: Initializing TLS... Status: Verifying certificate... Status: TLS connection...
  9. N

    ASUS RT-AC1200G+ OpenVPN

    Hi Guys I just got in a Asus AC-1200G+. I want to set it up with NordVPN however Nord doesn't support PPTP or L2TP. I figured I need to use a 3rd party firmware however has anyone had experience with this. Has anyone found a working version of Open Source firmware that enables OpenVPN on one of...
  10. D

    Using two sims with one router

    I have a RAIN sim and CellC sim which I use for my wifi at home. I use the RAIN uncapped data from 11pm to 6pm and use the CellC data during peak times (6pm - 11pm). Is there anyway I can setup my Huawei B315s router to switch between the networks, or for my devices to switch between routers at...
  11. E

    Zte MF 283+ IP addres website not responding

    Hi I recently moved from a LTE connection to fiber and decided to use my Zte MF 283+ router as ther is nothing wrong with it. The problem is, after reconfiguring the device to cable broadband and the device restarted, the ip website does not load. My browser (chrome and edge) states that the...
  12. W

    Telkom D-Link DSL-G2562DG still sealed

    Hi Guys and Girls, Not sure how this happened, but I now have a spare D-Link DSLG2562DG router. Not sure how much these are worth, but am curious to see if anyone even needs one and if so how much they're worth? Usual tech blurb for anyone interested. Built-in ADSL2+/VDSL2 modem for...
  13. T

    HiSense TV not picking up SSID

    Hi All. I need some help with a very strange problem please. o_O In 2017 I bought a HiSense 50 inch "Smart" TV:cautious:. I brought it home, plugged it straight into my MikroTik Fibre router with network cable (because my router is right next to my TV). Everything worked great. Yesterday I...
  14. K

    Can you use the internet without a modem ?

    So I had a tp-link WiFi modem initially supplying WiFi to my entire house but yesterday we experienced a power outage that I think may have fried the device or power cable. When the power came back on this morning, the device did not power on (tried it on different plug points in the house, does...
  15. W

    Router Battery Backup

    Anyone using anyone of these two to backup ADSL router during power outages? If so, any feedback or other relatively cheap solutions? OR...
  16. V

    [SOLD] ASUS RT-AC88U Router

    Item: ASUS RT-AC88U Router Age: About 1 Year Price: R3750 Warranty: Not Sure Packaging: Yes, Original with all accessories Condition: Excellent Looks brand new Location: Centurion Reason: Upgrading Shipping: Buyers cost and risk Collection: Preferred AC3100 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Gaming...
  17. L

    WebAfrica emails on LTE Routers misleading

    Hi all This is my first post and apologies if I did anything wrong. I would like some advise if I can take this further and in general if I can complain about this issue so other users will be made aware what they are getting into on the free to use router. When I signed up in October 2017...
  18. H

    Fibre Network failover to ADSL

    I have recently installed FTTH with TT CONNECT with Fredd as service provider and we are down once or twice a week. I still have ADSL with a different service provider. I have kept both until there is stability in the area as there are still large installations going on in the area. I have a...
  19. bustaboom

    Suggestions: Reliable mid-range ADSL Dual-band Router + WIFI AP?

    Hi guys Been a previous member for many years but lost my old details. I'm looking to purchase an ADSL Router + WIFI AP on behalf of my mother. I purchased a "ASUS RT-AC1200G+ AC1200 Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Fibre-Ready Router" for R1099 from Takealot, set it up, updated to latest firmware, but...
  20. N

    Use Any Router with Vox Fibre

    Hey guys, A friend of mine living in Durban North recently got a 50/5 Mbps Vumatel/Vox fibre line and connection. The install techies removed his upper-mid end Asus VDSL modem/router that he had recently purchased in anticipation of upgrading to fibre and replaced it with a small white Mikrotik...