How do you delete an adhoc wireless network in Windows 8?


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Oct 10, 2011

I recently got a new laptop running windows 8 and have been rather frustrated by it's inability to properly manage adhoc wireless connections. My home network is setup to not broadcast the SSID (network name) so I had to create the profile manually.

I got that done easy enough, but after a restart the connection was no longer available. I subsequently had to repeat the process to create a new connection, which then addeed a "2" to then end of my network name. This indicates that the previous connection is still saved somewhere, but doesn't show up in the list of available connections or in the Network and Sharing Centre screen.

How can I delete the initial connection which is now invisible?


The only way I could find to accomplish this was through command prompt, which can be accessed by pressing the "windows key" + R and then typing "cmd" and press enter.

Once in command prompt enter the following command:
netsh wlan show profiles

This will give you a list of all wireless network profiles stored on your PC. You can now confirm that the original duplicated profile still exists.

The profile can then be deleted by using the following command:
netsh wlan delete profile name="WirelessProfileName"
Note: WirelessProfileName being the name of the profile you wish to delete.

And thats it. You can just close the command prompt window when done.