windows 8

  1. S

    KB4038792 blocks Microsoft Account sign-ins for some Windows 8.1 users

    I've been trying to set up a laptop for someone and ran into this issue.
  2. S

    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Are there any hidden settings in windows 8 because if I migrate a user from windows 7 utopia to 8 it's like now entering some kind of survivor episode because for one they can't easily change passwords if they are part of a domain and some app settings are not consistent on the new...
  3. B

    "Get Windows 10" icon at bottom of screen, next to clock.

    Anyone else noted the "Get Windows 10" icon next to the clock on start bar? It asks you to register via entering your email address. That's where it seems to stop.
  4. T

    Windows 8 homegroup network

    Currently running 2 windows 8 computers on my home network, both running as media servers through the homegroup, with 2 xbox 360's and a win 7 laptop connecting to them. Everything works fine with the exception that every so often (2-3 days) both the xbox's display the "No videos found" error...
  5. jes

    China bans use of Microsoft's Windows 8 on government computers

    China bans Windows 8 on its government computers China has banned government use of Windows 8, a blow to a U.S. technology company that has long struggled with sales in the country.
  6. Z

    Is JAVA needed to be installed if one is using Windows 8.1 ?

    I have checked online about installing Java and it seems that there is no need to install the 64 bit version. Java Runtime Environment 8.0 build 5 (32-bit) Is JAVA needed on Windows 8.1 ? I don't have java installed and everything is working fine ... Would love some advice ?
  7. Jan

    Windows 8.1 Update 1 with keyboard & mouse improvements launch date

    Windows 8.1 Update 1 launch date Microsoft has announced the launch date of the first update to Windows 8.1 which is set to feature a number of improvements for mouse & keyboard users.
  8. jes

    Windows Phone innovations show promise

    Windows Phone innovations show promise In the market for smartphones, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 system is barely there. It’s dwarfed by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android systems in both attention and sales.
  9. jes

    Microsoft to cut manufacturer price for Windows by 70 percent: Bloomberg

    Microsoft to cut Windows 8 price by 70 percent for manufacturers Microsoft is reducing the price of Windows 8.1 for manufacturers of low-cost computers and tablets
  10. jes

    Microsoft Windows 8 lags predecessor in first-year sales

    Microsoft Windows 8 lags predecessor in first-year sales Microsoft’s Windows 8 system has racked up more than 200 million license sales since its launch 15 months ago
  11. G

    How do you delete an adhoc wireless network in Windows 8?

    Question: I recently got a new laptop running windows 8 and have been rather frustrated by it's inability to properly manage adhoc wireless connections. My home network is setup to not broadcast the SSID (network name) so I had to create the profile manually. I got that done easy enough...
  12. QuintonB

    FNB banking now on Windows Phone 8

    FNB app launches for Windows Phone 8 FNB has launched its popular banking app for Windows Phone 8
  13. QuintonB

    Nokia unveils its first tablet - the Lumia 2520

    Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet revealed The Finnish phone maker has unveiled its first tablet
  14. B

    Asus All In One Transformer AiO P1801

    Asus All In One Transformer (only while stocks last) Satisfy your Need for Tranformations Follow the link to view our range of All In One's : More All In One's Behemoth Technology For further information regarding these products or any other products from B-Technology please...
  15. L

    Windows 8 freezing at logo screen

    Ok, just thought I would try and see if anyone here can help me with this. I recently installed an update to VS2012 desktop edition(free) and it caused my system to freeze/stop at the blue logo screen. I tried going into safe mode to restore to a point before the update, and while the restore...
  16. jes

    Windows 8.1 release date and pricing announced

    Windows 8.1 release date, pricing announced Windows 8.1 arrives in mid-October as a free download for existing users, or as full retail package
  17. jes

    Next Microsoft CEO faces big challenges, tough choices

    Next Microsoft CEO faces big challenges, tough choices Poor sales of the Surface tablet, floundering smartphones, and a years-long failure to make money from online search cast doubt on Microsoft’s future
  18. jes

    Windows 8.1 heads for consumer release

    Windows 8.1 pegged for consumer release A tweaked version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system will be available in October
  19. jes

    Windows 8.1 launch date announced

    Windows 8.1 launch date announced Windows 8.1 is seeding to OEMs soon, and it will be a free update to Windows 8 owners.
  20. D

    Install Windows 7 from Bootable USB drive - GPT Partition issue on Windows 8 machine

    Hi All I have made a bootable USB drive on my Windows 7 machine using a Windows 7 x64 ISO file (4.6GB) and Power ISO. I want to install Windows 7 on another partition on my new Windows 8 laptop When I want to boot from the USB drive on my new Windows 8 x64 laptop, it does not pick up the...