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May 3, 2011
... without having to remove it from the board.

Hope someone can assist.
I bought a 2nd hand PC for a decent price.
The item was advertised as a Haswell i-5 4670 @ 3.4 to 3.8 ghz
When I check the computer details in windows (screen where the Windows Experience Index is shown), it tells me that it is a core i-5 as stated.

When I check device manager, it tells me the same thing under the processor tab, but only 2 processors are shown. I would have expected 4 due to it being quad-core.
Thats my one concern.

The other concern I have is that the BIOS tells me it is a dual core Celeron G1820 @ 2.7 ghz.

I'm not sure if the seller would have somehow 'doctored' windows to report the specs as a Haswell 4670 when it is a Celeron G1820.
The motherboard is an Asus H87M-E.

Anyone have any advice or suggestions ?

Thank you